AP Southeast Servers unlocked but actually haven't

I was keen to login this morning after patch thinking I might finally be able to create a character on a mid/low server that my friends are already playing on. The full indicator has now been removed from all servers when creating characters. I thought great, all AP Southeast server have finally been opened up ready for transfers. I tried creating a character on Laputa and was greeted with the Character Creation has been disabled on this server message.

This is even worse than before, you can’t even tell which servers are available now when creating a character. Prior to the patch 19/40 servers were locked so almost 50% of choosing a locked server with no indication where it’s possible to go.

They are still showing as locked in the website , no idea why appears all other regions have opened up

Yeah I checked the New World server status page and saw that 19/40 are still locked after posting. Still pretty poor in my opinion. I think it’s a fair expectation to see server status within a game client.

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