AP Southeast War Time Adjustment

Hi, really loving the game. One piece of hopefully constructive feedback.

The war times for the APSE servers (I’m on Utopia) all seem to be at 9:30pm AEST. That’s 12:30am NZDT (New Zealand time) which is too late for most of us Kiwis. I understand that a balance needs to be found but it’s really disappointing to not be able to join in the end game.

If the time is to accommodate other countries in the region, such as Thailand who have a big presence on our server, then that’s understandable but is there a chance the time can be tweaked. Even an 8pm AEST start would bring the barrier to enter down for many.

Thank you.

The war time slots are selected by the defending party’s siege window, an allotted window set by the company higher ups for all activities to fall within this period of time

It’s got nothing to do with Amazon or the game for that matter

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