AP Southeast/Australia Server merge is incomplete

Was spread out over around 3 hours roughly… they put it up and took it down at least twice. Seemed like nothing changed when they did that, didn’t merge any more servers

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Only good thing is it allows us to farm alittle more before merges, make some moneys😂

Alakapuri here, was looking forward to the big influx of players coming from the entire world set but I’m as confused as you are, we’ve received players from Geatland and Erythia but that’s all?

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Super disappointing. Some clarity on what happened would be appreciated. It seems as though Bazarkh got Hsuan, Kibu and Zara after asking around a bit more

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@Luxendra Can you please at least have the decency to clarify what happened here?


I agree…

The merge is NOT complete @Luxendra

You promised…

  • Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Kibu, Geatland and Erythia will be merging into Alakapuri for Pangaia Theta.

Now we are still STUCK on LOW POPULATION servers…
Why have you gone back on your word?


Are they expecting an influx of players so they kept 2 servers? Even if they released dungeon mutations, the amount of people coming back would be small.

They seem overconfident, or having medium-high population is affecting server performance.

Sorry for the miscommunication! It looks like at this time, Zara, Hsuan, and Kibu were merged into Barzakh. Geatland and Erythia were merged into Alakapuri.

I completely hear your concern and frustration. As this is the first step in a multi-merge process, the working plan is to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022. The team will monitor data and feedback from these worlds and will adjust their plan as necessary.

You can find more information about our merge decisions here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

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Barzakh and Alkapuri are now the two least populous servers in the AU so it should be fairly self evident that the feedback will not be great (what’s the best way to provide that by the way?).

A lot of us were really only hanging in there based on the promise of a merge because one faction managed to take every territory and it’s all just been goofing around and farming since then.

The overwhelming sentiment this morning after seeing the last minute change has been “well this is lame”.

Hopefully you guys figure that out before elden ring comes out because if not I don’t see myself coming back.


I was looking forward to playing on a moderate populated server… I was hanging around for this… but now you changed the goal post.

I really dont feel like playing the game.
We were lied to.

Your promise…

  • Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Kibu, Geatland and Erythia will be merging into Alakapuri for Pangaia Theta.

What we got…

  • Zara, Hsuan, and Kibu were merged into Barzakh. Geatland and Erythia were merged into Alakapuri.

2 servers with very low population…

I am unhappy KAREN…


In what world would you think having these 2 split be healthy? Right now at non Peak we have less than 25% capacity, at peak we will be lucky to hit 1000 players

In what world do you think this is going to leave a positive impact for the players, we have been waiting over a month for merge, to just find out you guys have done a half ass job.

We dont care about losing houses, i will personally compensate anyone in my faction that loses a house, we care about actually having a healthy server

Ive held on for so long and so have a lot of others in our server, this may be the tipping point, within 2 months you will only have enough players to populate 1 server in AP south.

Get your shit together


you owe us a fully world merge! GIVE US THAT!!

why can’t you devs uphold your promises, what’s with the last minute changes! I’m not happy with the low population!

At peak times on the past weekend, there were only 900 players in total of the whole World Set…
That was peak time.

How is keeping the 2 split like this healthy?

As for housing problems… there are so few people on these servers, how can the housing bug be such a huge problem?


Thanks for confirming what has happened @Luxendra - I understand that if it’s a matter of data integrity, we need to go carefully. Just want to add my voice to others saying we do need the full merge, when you can do it safely.

Sooner rather than later if possible!

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The entirety of the AP server at peak times is now barely hitting 9k players. Not even enough to fill 5 servers at peak time. Yet AGS is under the impression that there is a need for 12 servers. Most of these will hover between 10-25% full between trough to peak.

The December patch which you guys expected to bring back some players barely enticed 20k people across the globe to come back in to see what had changed. If you think you’re going to need extra server capacity because there is some big influx of players coming back in its sadly mistaken. Most people have quit this game and not coming back.

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Thank you for the clarification @Luxendra - is there an immediate plan to either rectify or merge Barzakh and Alakapuri? Most of us are waiting for the merge as most players in our server are aligned to one opposing faction.

Any timeline would be awesome.


Appreciate the response, Luxendra. It doesn’t feel like miscommunication though, more that we were misled

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quit game. wait merge to Alakapuri

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