Appauling release, but still with potential

Connection issue still exist in final release that I encountered in the beta.
Long queues to play, again something I encountered in the beta.
Vast amounts of lag when in the world.

All the issues I have been running into just to try and play the game are ones I remember hitting frequently in the early days of World of Warcraft, rift and Star wars the old republic. Hell even Eve online had a number of these issues, mostly in terms of lag and remaining connected.
In WOW and eve those issues were a learning curve as little experience of massive online games existed. Rift and SWTOR both came later and both had failed to learn the lessons from WOW and eve. Rift and SWTOR both released ten years ago. Here we are now with New World repeating history and having failed to learn from the past and having ignored the beta experience and squandered the delay.
Important lessons from the competition not learned. The reputation of the developers soured in the minds of many players. Perhaps like Anthem, irredeemably soured in the minds of many which will hurt the long term prospects of New World.
This is not 2003, most players will not endure long queues for hours on end day after day, they will not forgive a laggy experience if there is little sign of improvements comming “now”.
In 2011 SWTOR gathered new players faster than new world has, that game also lost players almost as fast within months. Players then were also, on average, more patient than they are now.

Yet despite the negatives I can see the gold nugget of potention in the manure storm that is the release of New World. Amazon games need to clean this off quickly to salvage the game. I know workd is being done to salvage this. Yet two weeks may be too long to stop a massive player drop off and ruin the future of other Amazon games releases. Which would be a shame, becasue of the already mentioned nugget of potential.


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