Aptitude Chest are Garbage now!

Total Garbage! Remember when we were all excited about getting Aptitude Chests? SMH they just totally suck now. :frowning:


Did tehy changed something about them? All i can see is they are giving less legendary materials, but you get like 3 times more from gathering.

What do you mean “totally garbage”?

Its fine! They were giving too much. Now they are more balanced.

No they are not fine. You might be satisfied with less, I’m not. For one thing I don’t get nearly enough t-5 Reagents. I don’t want to have to do stupid chest zerg runs every day for Reagents. The chests are lousy. They used to be great. Why would I want just “fine” when I had Great?

I still get plenty of flux from smelting. I have no complaints.

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The changes are awesome.

They are bringing value back to the top refined mats, like Asmo, which were depreciating by the day.

The changes to Aptitude Chests … are awesome? ya ok smh

That’s nice

Changes to current refining aptitude chests are good in the long run. They did provide to much T5 materials and reagents. Reagents were not even nerfed last patch. Aptitude chests should not provide endless supply of all the top tier refining needs.
If you don’t like chest runs you can get the missing reagents at market and thats good for the economy.
There are aptitude chests that provide near 0 value i.e fishing aptitude chests and treasure chests. Refining aptitude chests are in a good spot at the moment.

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They might as well just delete the aptitude chests again.
And when they are on that: delete OPR chests, gypsum crate chests, arena chests too.
And 99% of all other loot.
It has come to the point where I dread the moment when a dungeon run or a day of OPR is over. And I have to look through all the garbage and salvage everything.

And the craft mod chests from the PvP track…they literally have put in T4 potions. Just so you have to drop all that shit after every purchase.
Could not have put in T5 potions…Noooooo! Way too useful.


Yeah go gathering with PVP on. There’s some new content for you.

Chests are a waste of time, only gear I’ve ever got which I’ve actually used are from the PVP tracks. I ain’t wasting my time on grinding PVE dungeons and depending on RNG. Levelling crafting to 200 was a waste of time.

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Well atleast you arent still owed over 60 fishing aptitude chests

did u watch the last video?
they remove t3 and 4 reagents and turn them into t5… xD

Yes I did watch it.
They will remove low tier reagents. What about it? Refining aptitude chests still give reagents and with this upcoming update reagents should never be a problem for anyone. With last patch amount of tier V reagents from aptitude chests didn’t decrease. Compared to current tier V reagents prices should drop with then only having one tier of reagents on the market.

Overall I look forward to this upcoming patch. Less unique materials as reagents are reworked, amount of reagents should not change.

I’m okay with the amount of legendary materials within aptitude crates, though I’m not a fan of limiting the access to refining components. It takes a LOT of chest-running to gather some substantial amount, like, daily chest run might bring in about 400 each. What is it? Get 2000 refined into Infused Leather and there is your 400 Aged Tanning all gone.

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The chest never supposed to be an alternative to getting reagents… Its a little reward and thats it. The main reason why they nerf everything is because players like you has to overly abuse everything untill its nerfed into unusable category for everyone. thats what happened with the rafflebones camping and force spawning, same with world boss farming, now the apptitude chest and can continue it for days.

Oh how dare we to play the game.
The little there is.

Well if your main concern is playing the game, then you should be happy. Now you would actually have to play the game, you know do those hard and challenging box runs for the flux instead fo cheesing it from app boxes, and sometimes even go out to mine to smelt things, instead of again, just cheese with the boxes, and run around in the world to find rafflebones instead of coordinating multiple people and force spawn it and destroy even that little excitement what it gives when you finally find him.
Play the game as it is intended, or not, but then you shouldn’t be the loudest one who complaining about the nerfs while you were part of the problem who ruined it for everyone.

I ruined what? I killed 2 low tier rafflwbones so far, that I came across by accident.
And I am mining and smelting. And crafting, I have all 200s.
But sorry, I buy my flux, cant be arsed to do chest runs.
How did I ruin anything?

And why are you surprised people want to farm the little content we have?
Of course they do.
You nerf the content, because people “abused” it, you lose even more players. It is a very simple system.
Every nerf of anything costs players. Every single patch.