Aquila some many exploit and bug players in devor clan and zero ban

Why not bannad expoit and bug used players?

the legends are unplayable because they are unable to ban players who take advantage of bugs and exploits.
A pathetic entire server is unplayable due to bug-exploiting players.

Nice meme.

Still waiting for bans against players who used outright wiggle-your-window-for-invincibility cheat around Update 1.0.2. plus all the exploits after that.

It is clear that AGS cares more about their player count than losing “bad actors”. Probably most of the long-term players left in the game are cheaters and exploiters.

Maybe the reason they arent banning is because no one is exploiting and you’re just salty about basicly loosing a war against a naked army. Enjoy your freebie and stop complaining.

If you devor us or just stay in trouble, hatchet exploit, hammer, void gountlet, item duplication and many more,

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