Arcana 600 crafting - what am I missing

Full Arcana Set +10
Necklace +5 Min
Food +15
Town Buff
Basic Trophies x3 (Ancient Text)

With Best Resources I am hitting 587-600. Am I missing something here, or is that the max I can get without having Major Trophies?

You are ok.
Major Arcana trophies for 595-600

So it should be 587? For some reason I thought it would be 589 with Basic and 595 with Major.

Nope, it is correct as it is.

Try to relog after being equipped/food buffed. There was a visual bug wich dont know if its solved and didnt show correctly the craft GS. I dont remember the exactly score with Basic trophies but it happened to me with T3 trohpies and got fixed after relog

The +5 townbuff doesn’t show up as far as I know. But it still works. Also make sure you own a house there

Yup own a house where Arcana is buffed today.

Perhaps it’s visual, I rolled 598 and 597 on the two I made before the downtime at least.

Thanks all, just wanted to be sure I was min/maxed as well as I could be

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3 basic = 3 gs missing so you should be at 592 not 587 so yeah those are the 5 not showing from townbuff


Arcana 600 can be achieved.

+15 per rare material. Eg ( phoneixweave, asmodium, Runic leather, quintessence )
+10 for clothing
+5 for jewlery.
+15 for food.

the town buff and the trophies add to the minimum gear score ONLY. not the maximum. they are nice to haves, but not essential to roll 600.

Yes the maximum is easily obtainable, we’re referring to raising the minimum to give a better chance at rolling 600. (IE: 595-600 has better odds than 587-600)

Basic trophies equate to +3
Minor equate to +4
Major +5.

Ofc having these in all 3 houses too. also arcana town buff is +5.

With all things active, you CAN achieve 595 -600

Right, I was at 587 and wasn’t sure why. I thought +3 Basic trophies would have put me to 592

in order to get the town buff. you MUST have a house and tax paid IN the town with the buff active, not the one your crafting in.

how do you see what towns have buffs active. where in the ui

not sure in the UI as the games is down. but you can visit the table inside the town hall to see it, i know that for sure.

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But i think recent patch added it to the character / bio screen.

don’t quote me on this though as i cant refer to the game at current.

My assumption is you didn’t have town buff where your current housing tax is paid, but the town your crafting in. may have caused you the confusion?

Nah none of that. It is likely visual. I’ll test once servers are back up to see if I roll below 590 when crafting.

But yeah

  • full set
  • Jewelry
  • Full food
  • 3 Basic trophies
  • All taxes paid
  • In the city with the buff

I just thought it odd it would come out as 587 and not 592 but as said above if the townhall buff isn’t displaying that makes up the difference

Open UI Menu->Character->BIO On the right hand side you will have a drop down to choose which town you want to check for passive and active buffs and it will display the remaining duration of such buff.

Is this true, cause I think this might be happening to me but dnt know how to check if it is.