Arcana crafted items giving orichalcum ingot

Arcana crafted items is like void gauntlet giving orichalcum ingot.
I leveled up my arcana then salvaged all void gauntlets but I got tons of orichalcum ingot.
So should I use this advantage like everyone does or wait to fix ? Any DEVs to answer this question?
Thank you ^^

A video : New World Arcana Levelling - Insane Money Hack - YouTube

note : I used " infused leather / death mote / iron ingot and linen" salvage : 1-4 orichalcum ingot.

@Kay can you please ? banable ? answer YES or NO. 2 second to answer.

Use it.
They probably will fix it soon, but for now is your orichalcum.
U didnt anything wrong, just leveling arcane.

Probably yes because I found videos from ice age about this. I can show my proof if needed

Apparently it was like this for spears before being stealth fixed. But yeah, how else are we supposed to level arcana more efficiently? We’re making the items the new crafting experience system encourages.

Looks like they fixed it with the new patch. Starmetal void gauntlets I had leftover salvaged to layered leather.

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