Arcana Crafting Bug, cannot make 600 GS

its been a month any progres???


any progres???

Any Progress??

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Happy 1 Month anniversary for this Bug. Cheers.


Whilst we wait for this to be fixed, here’s a picture of two red pandas

Bump. Can confirm this is still happening. What gives Amazon?

So, hello guys! I am new to “The Disappointed Arcana Crafters Club” It took a lot of time and gold to gather this stuff… Looks like ignoring this for an over a month is intended action. Maybe with incoming magical classes nerf we’ll get this feature unlocked.

24 days ago. Is there an update on this problem? Considering you are adding Void Gauntlet in the next major patch it would be great if there was a solution to craft them ready too.

“We are also aware of an issue with crafted magical weapons (the Arcana skill) that prevents them from being crafted at 600 Gear Score. This is due to one of the ingredients not applying gear score bonuses. We have fixed this in a future update by introducing an additional core material requirement (e.g. Leather, Wood, etc.) that can be used to add the additional gear score range required to reach 600.”

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progress update please?

still no update on what the items may be to make it 600

I encountered another bug w/ the arcana station where the GS values were crafted lower than the minimum gear score threshhold. image

That’s not an arcana bug, that’s a bug with the trophies or crafting armour, if you equip / unequip it multiple times in one play session, the number stacks ontop of itself in the UI, but it’s not the real value

That’s a really bad solution, the item will require more material… Why just not fix Quintessence? But why am I not supprised :confused:

had the same…

Any timeframe for this issue?

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I’m not sure what to tell you. The arcanist in my group can make 600gs arcana stuff. I hope that they fix it for you soon

its been fixed

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