🏗 Archaeology - New World

I’d say it’s pretty constructive to point out that there are tons of issues in the game that need to be sorted out. Each patch/new update introduces new bugs. Should probably get that sorted out before adding even more content and breaking even more of the game.

I like so much this idea!


thankyou <3 :slight_smile:


@Spider would love this :slight_smile:


they have also pointed out , that whenever they introduce game system / content like professions they must think how they can support and develop it years ahead

blizzard introduced archeology years ago, now is a dead content without even a small update, so instead of a new profession | would strongly vote for archeology themed event

They usually delete constructive criticism unless you call them out on it and repost.

The CMs have their own brand of damage they do to the game by not following up on their posts or actually having dialogue with the community.

The best i see from CMs is them eithe rposting “cool!” “forwarded to devs” or “Im sorry heres a link”.

They are terrible compared to any other game ive played with CMs. Most reaponses seem automated.

Be nice if AGS removed treasure chests from the fishing loot and added them to something like this.

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I have already suggested archaeology once or twice in this forum. Not in such a substantiated way though…
Well done!

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It’s for them to decide if they want to do this or, all we can do is sit back and watch, play their game or play a different one.

There are some bugs, but I tend to hear the PVP side of thew world gripe more. Most of the bugs in quests and other areas are livable until fixed.

Ripped straight from a well known game. I did not see the OP give credit from the game they took everything from.

Even your disclaimer does not give credit, just a general “other mmo’s have it”

The game loop you speak of was never popular in any mmo. It would be a waste of resources and time that these developers need to learn how to program an mmo properly. The devs are just into their second year and still doing badly.

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Please read the the contexts fully before sharing your opinion. Never said this is an ORIGINAL IDEA

You can say it… it’s World of Warcraft. :heart: :clap:

I’m sorry you feel hurt when someone is “sharing” how other games do things.


Again your opinion… Not everyone shares the same views.

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