Archer/Musquet/Hunt - Combat HUD & Group/Raid HUD - Critical Rework Required


I just write this message on support because i dont find how to set the Display to play correctly

Maybe tracking this topic here could be better.

Since all Beta, we ask a HUD rework for Hunt (musquet/archer) and you wont understand or listen. Its time to polish your game now we are in release and this HUD affect the gameplay to play how it should be by the Combat Lead Design.
We now archer is one and certainly the hardest gameplay of the game for many things.
And the comon archer play AOE because they often missing Precision shot.

We have a template asking HEAD SHOT and HIT at Max range, But the HUD is the most problematic setting/variable for us not our skill trouble.

  1. At Long Range the HUD circle HIDE entirely the Head of the Target and 50% of hit are preshot, but our trouble is when hitting we dont see what we are shouting

  2. In Close and Mid range The Global HUD ( Name / Title & Red targeting selection) Hide entirely what we should seen : Head & body. (certainly why people playing more AOE on your game)

On my Screen you see Critical HeadShot Hit, with bow lvl 25 on epic 35 (800 and 1500d), but its 200% preshot (not skill) just supposiong where should be my target. I dont see anything when im shouting. Im shouting blinded and have chance to Head Shot This time
Its totaly different from preshot skill required for our weapon skill, where to hit and track you need to see your target
Chance & Preshot Skill are not the same, its like Hitting intoo a smoke and you HS (ok its skill we are skilled ^^) because we can HS and PRESHOT being blind … Comon

Its work when you play SOLO and Front Line, sometimes HUD hide always the Head

We have only one name to set in option : clipping name player, im already at minimum 2/100

Please rework fast the HUD for range player.

An other situation where the actual HUD doesnt match with the design of the game for Archer
You ask to make critical HS but the HUD Hide the body.
Fixe the HUD OPTION to us fast ! Its Critical because we cant play the gameplay of our weapong correctly as it should be


All this skill are unplayable with the Actual Option HUD of the game
2 tree of 2 weapon are unplayble correctly


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