Are arenas going to have Potions/Food allowed?

Potion cd with the earring is like 20 seconds? I hope the timer will be different in arenas. Imagine chasing light armor that can dodge 3x + some dash skill (like rapier), getting him to 10% just so they dash away again and heal to full.

I will be honest, I think this post is a bit ridiculous… there are a lot of balance issues in the game, but your focused on the wrong one. Example: healers can stand there and out heal people and 300 str gets unlimited grit , then there’s ga gravity well and ig I’ve shower users that constantly cc everything, but you’re mad at a the low con light armor users that take like 3 hits to die if they’re caught. I think you might need to get better at using your weapon.

i think consumables topic is not ridiculous there are 32432434 consumables that u can take for PvP. I hope they will ban of arenas almost all of them or arenas will be only for rich guilds that own big citys. Will become a spam fest of consumables of 20 seconds to stop elemental damage, CC, + damage , phisical damage, Stats etc… Hope this will never happend.
I think heal and regen potions must be allowed cause lot of perks are about improve them and comps with 0 healers can benefit about potions , its the only way a guy can self heal in this game. But also must be infinite, cause potions spam fest will be huge.

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Okay, I can see how unlimited potions will cause issues, but they should not remove the use of all potions because they definitely play a part and it creates longer fights. Being able to use unlimited potions could cause fights to get drawn out, but players in light armor that lose almost all there health by getting hit two times should have a chance to recharge so that they can remain viable in a fight.

I don’t see how a light player would lose to a medium or heavy player in 1v1 tho. Except if skill gap is huge.

Light users are not punished for their bad choice. They can misposition witjlut beeing punishe since they will just roll to the end of the world

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If a light player gets caught they will usually be killed in about three hits, but med and heavy players are able to tank a lot more damage.

Imo light armors would might be bad for this type of content, you will need hard CCs, heals reduction, we will see after weeks what will be good, good thing is arena will be getting smaller so anyone who goes in light armor as range and will be matched with melees in dive comp, might get clumped if they will not win this before we will have 10m2 left xd

In close combat yes I would reccomend you prepare different builds, do not play only one, you will be sad if your favourite build would become useless in this type of content, I can make you sure playing as full dps there with no const in light armor will be terrible idea. Ofc it depends from your full party comp, but this is not a content for solo players without discord or teamspeak any premade team will just smash random party, where everyone know what they want to do.

Depend on the size of the arena. But i do expect a big enough one. Light users will roll (lol) through the ladder. A good might players is just unkillable for a heavy.

Tanks will be useless in this game mode, so not for me

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