Are chest runs still the main 'end game' when it comes to gearing?

I quit relatively early on after learning the majority of what the game had to offer at max level was running in circles pressing f on chests.

I have been contemplating whether to start again with the new expansion but I would love to know whether I can expect the same and I’d just be running in circles in the new zone or if Amazon actually changed this god awful gamplay loop that should never have made to through playtesting to begin with.

no one has to do chest runs (and some of us actually enjoy them) yes they’re still a thing. you don’t have to do th em though


You gather gypsum, craft, do expeditions, pvp


I’m an active player and haven’t done a chest run in months. It can be done but there are tons of better and more fun ways to progress.


Chest runs is terrible imo for gearing. You’re better off Doing Mutated Dungeons, OPR, PvP track, and playing the Trading Post so you can afford to buy what you want. Gear is more accessible so it’s also cheaper than what it used to be.

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From the sound of it, it doesn’t sound like it will be a problem, thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

No theres gypsum orbs which remove the need for chest runs. You can, but not necessary.

It’s “E”… so your viewpoint is invalidated. :wink:

And no, once you hit 600 whatever that other gs is… I see no point in chest runs.

Chests are extremely optional. You can do them, but you really don’t ever have to if you don’t want to.

I got to 600 GS through chest runs on the daily lmao man that was fucking painful. Glad it’s much easier now tho.

I do them for crafting/rare mats.

Recently returned player.

I left primarily due to frustration with the end game (Watermark System).
I also hated the stupid gameplay loop of camping the same mob all day, or chest runs.

The new expertise system is amazing.
I do my daily gypsum activities, but the amount and types you want to shoot for vary.
The real gem in my mind is dungeons.
You can run them without a key now, and Genesis has been great.
I’ve gotten from 520 armor to just over 600 expertise in about a week. Mostly from doing Garden of Genesis over and over.

Which can be repetitive, but I’ve enjoyed it.

OPR gives rewards… I mean…
Literally everything advances you now, its very nice.

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