Are exploiters being banned or should we just exploit back?

People are losing open world fights, wars, and outposts due to people exploiting but I hear nothing about repercussions for the exploiters. During discussions about this issue people keep saying “just use the exploits back to balance it out.”

I’ve never used exploits in games, but if there are no repercussions it seems like it should be accepted as part of the gameplay until they are eventually fixed.

Any thoughts?


Maybe its end game content offered by NW?

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Cheaters gonna cheat. You do you, but it comes down to integrity and wanting to actually play the game for what it is.


Honest people who start exploiting just to get even are always the first to be banned and receive the harshest punishments. Murphy’s law of ban hammers.

Personally I don’t cheat, because then I have to live with the knowledge and I already have enough regrets for several lifetimes. I recommend against it.


I might as well log on and start exploiting if nothing happens

No ragrets.


Are you talking about the integrity of a company to uphold their company T.O.S. and policies? Or this game was just another attempt of hype and dump just like Crucible?

It got to an extreme where some streamers are telling players to exploit so they can win.


I’m talking about personal integrity. Being better than cheating.


Exactly. Leave cheating for the wreckage. Rise above. Transcend.


Hades (EU) here!

Can confirm, from what I have read and ask around there are a few big company who used exploits to win war etc… So… It’s just a game I guess! :man_shrugging:

I can honestly say this is a perfect sum up of what cheating would do as a retaliation.

Any game I’ve ever played and abused exploits in has always ended up being a game I never really touch again. I don’t want to do that ever again, especially since as an adult its my money I’m wasting at that point, and if I play an MMO, I play it with the expectation that I’m in for the long haul.


Sadly, that be a “perfect” world to live in. But since there are no punishments handed out, the current motto is Exploit hard, Exploit fast.

You want your faction to win right?

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Nah, I want to play. I’m old enough to realize that winning isn’t everything.

Most games have a dedicated anti-cheat system for a reason. A huge number of kids and even “adult streamers” just want to win and they will do anything to achieve it.

You can’t blame “personal integrity” when the company itself can’t adhere to their policies or T.O.S. They do ban racist, homophobic, and slurs in chat though, or at least that is what I know.

All I can with the next big exploit, you will be left behind.

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So you are telling me that if someone makes a conscious decision to cheat that their personal integrity is not in question, just because someone didn’t but something in place to stop them?

You really need to look up the definition of integrity if that is what you think.

You are responsible for you & your actions alone.

They have been banning people & correcting exploits. If you decide to use a known exploit, you accept the risk involved which may include being banned.

Why would it be questioned? At that point in the stage, it is a part of the game or a meme. The exploits have been going on since this game was released. Might as well join the crew.


Again, please look up the definition of integrity and you will see why it would be in question.

Saying “might as well join the crew” of exploiters means you have none.

After seeing SolidFPS show his fire staff rapid fire macro on stream 4 days ago.

He’s neither banned nor is the exploit fixed, it’s starting to look like this thing is intended at this point, just like the dodge roll cancel.

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Personally I could use some gold, maybe a 3rd party map overlay revealing location of all, and I hate all they did to fishing so I could use the bot to level that for me.
Enquiring minds want to know?