Are exploiters being banned or should we just exploit back?

Which exploits are we talking about here though?

If it’s stuff like the great axe perma activating the buff then that’s not on them; that’s a broken mechanic

I wouldn’t even say using ice gauntlets is a exploit but it hits a grey area if they actually are using it with the soul intent of causing lag, but you could easily say you want lots of ice gauntlet users to AoE nuke a point because everyone just sits on them and they need to burst through healing

A really grey area on though is what’s happening with the machine gun staffs, it’s sort of like a mechanic that exists in the game that shouldn’t exist and can be done by just pressing buttons in the game

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See my thread below. They are not being banned at all.

Just cheat and exploit away, doesn’t matter anymore. Game will be dead in some weeks .


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I just report them in-game, and if its a company, I direct it to amazon games, they have a seprate portal for this

Nope, not being banned. All of our cheaters on Oceana own the map and literally brag about cheating. They stream it. Proof has been given over and over to the mods and they don’t do anything. Some of these exploits have been in since alpha. They released this game with major alpha-known bugs. Ridiculous. Embarrassing.


There is a clown in Adlivun using pretty much every exploit available with his toolkit. People reported him, twitch clips included. He was still clowning around in outpost rush today. I think it’s safe to assume little to nothing is going on.

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Lol why question my integrity when the game doesn’t enforced anything nor issue bans?

That is like going into a server where there is no anti-cheat and everyone is hacking or cheating. You go there mighty with your integrity and you got zero kills and a whole lot of deaths. How is that fun?

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OP’s logic is amazing.

" We should ban exploiters but we should also fight back exploiters with exploiting."

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Lol you can’t explain integrity to those that don’t have it. Just go cheat since you were going to do it anyway. Why even make a forum post about it? You must have been hoping someone would tell you, “Yeah! Go ahead and cheat! It’s the right thing to do because everyone else is doing it too!”

If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

Gold/item dupe are being ban… but the bug/exploit regarding weapons, I am not sure that is bannable, its not the players fault the bug is there, lets admit, everyong is abusing it to the point that it was never reported right after the patch, was only reported yesterday

AGS has been silent and inactive on bans for too long that now this is genuinely an issue.
Legitimate players can’t wait for bans when cheaters are steamrolling them and profiting.
So now, because of AGS inaction, some players are resorting to cheating themselves.
How will it be fair to get the same punishment when AGS is basically complicit? How to discover who’s who?

But at the same time, not handing out bans is not a solution either.

AGS waited too long. Instead of doing what they could to stop the damage right away they let it go on. For way too long.
Heck, it’s still going on.

it is no longer enough to just ban.
Proof that bans occurred must be shown.
Compensation must be given to legitimate players.

I think this stems from AGS openly not punishing exploiters.

At the very start of the game, Boarsholm and Bears (lodestone) were fast track for leveling. AGS said that this is an exploit and should not be done. While you see players on stream doing it, the excuse is that these areas were reported prior to release. So it is “part of the game”.

Do you know how fast you can level up in Boarsholm and Bears? Add the fact that you can get a huge quantity of raw hides. It is insane fast that you don’t need proper builds for it.

The question is do you feel bamboozled when you didn’t do this exploit when AGS confirmed it is an exploit. Only to find out that the players that exploited it are still out there still playing with a ton of hides and gold. Again I believe in positive and negative reinforcement. Letting players slide off an exploit will more likely produce more players willing to exploit.

Also, the bridge part, if I didn’t have “integrity” I would be swimming on Raw hides right now. Punishment for having “integrity”.

Seriously If they ban all exploiters the game lose a lot of players.

I never exploit, played some OR as a healer hatchet guy without good equip, only 2 Faction Gear items and rest ist random loot still.
Takes me ages to get the tokens for faction gear what isnt even the best or highend.

I die instant, i dont do any damage, my heals maybe save someone but i dont see anything , but 47 AOE spells and a lot of players in a bunch.
Then i see a GA and im dead.

It made me play Age 4 yesterday.

It’s when they are quiet that they usually are working on something. In ESO when it launched, people were using exploits to gain gold, levels and resources. Zinemax said nothing, then suddenly a 100k ban-wave rolled out.

I hope AGS is up to something in that regard.

I don’t think they even have a way to see logs of these type of exploits. Like the rapid fire staffs the hatchet etc… who knows

I actually can agree on this one. It’s not a third party software being used to do these it’s just something that is currently broken in the game. As much as I hate that shit, looking at it from both sides I feel like it wouldn’t warrant a ban because they aren’t “hacking” just using a mechanic that was broke in the recent update. Definitely exploiting but it’s not like the gold duplication glitch which I definitely think should warrant a ban. I feel like if they were to ban people using these current weapon exploits it would cause an uproar due to amazon releasing the patch causing it and not them using hacks from a third party software. God knows how many people are using them and would get banned diminishing the player base which ultimately would cause amazon games to lose money as shitty as it is to say :frowning:

Did you mean the backlogs right? I’m sure it be a lot of work and looking at AGS history as a small indie studio with a limited budget. They can’t do it.

I just find it funny when they fixed the healing bug only to add a new exploit regarding hatchet + damage.

I’ve seen players spam it on war, they lost do because they don’t have cc. But I have to say I used the exploit on Invasion mobs love seeing 3k per light swing on a mob.

I’m flashing back to SWtoR release. Exploiters had top end pvp gear within 2 days that was supposed to take months to acquire. They fixed the exploit but banned no one and allowed them to keep exploited gear. There was quite an exodus from the game over that. Only time I have seen it dealt with with a semblance of being fair was in Archeage people figured out how to get ALL their daily rewards up front so the company just said screw it and gave everyone their stuff up front. Might have to fix these exploits then do a restart aka FF14. Kind of ironic that these cheaters will be the ones to destroy the game they love. I personally love this game and if a restart is what’s needed then so be it.

The challenge with this issue is the frankly massive risk that innocent players get caught up in a ban wave.

In most MMOs, and there is no reason to believe its different with New World, most players do not read the official forums and a significant proportion of the player base doesn’t read reddit or any external sources, they just play the game.

Also, nearly every weapon is exploitable at the moment, not just the obvious well known ones like fire staff or hatchet. How many players are just playing with hatchet because its one of only two weapons they’ve been playing with all along?

Unless AGS tell us “this is broken don’t do it” in a place where the entire player base can see it, we shouldn’t be blaming the players.

This is an AGS issue that they need to fix urgently and the community needs to try to stop tearing itself apart accusing each other of exploiting until AGS fix this buggy mess.

(I know there are of course bad actors willfully using the broken weapons, not all people are mature enough to make good decisions, its still on Amazon to fix it and I still think a massive ban wave will do more harm than good).

Relax, craft, try PvE and trust karma will get the bad actors eventually but lets put the pitchforks down towards other players and focus on AGS.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. Fixed the AoE exploit causing invincibility but broke the shit out of other things. The fire staff hit box is broken, fire ball almost never registers, the pillar of fire does little of damage and that’s if it works/registers. Then the ice storm on the ice gauntlet is the same way. It does not register 90% of the time so people can run right through it taking 0 damage and they still haven’t fixed the bug to where if you switch weapons while that ability is active it just doesn’t work at all. ALSO lets not ignore the fact that the resilient perk on any armor is absolutely fucking broken and has been for a while. I love the game but holy shit these need to be addressed asap… Now after doing some research I think this rapid fire staff(s) and hatchet could possibly warrant a ban. I thought it was just a fast weapon swap bug. After digging further it’s actually people using their mouse software to enable macros which in return allows the rapid fire. Although macros aren’t detectible 95% of the time, I believe amazon would be able to see the damage output with these weapons as they almost quadruple the damage done with the weapons because of how fast and how much damage is done in the matter of seconds. It would require them really digging into the logs but I’m sure would be possible.