Are Fresh Servers expected to die completely? Merge when?

Fresh servers are dead, with the number of online hardly finding 25% of the server capacity. Fresh servers continue to lose players day by day.

Dear AGS employees, do not manage so badly…

We want an effective merger.


This is why there were tons of posts urging people and AGS not to do fresh starts yet.

This was inevitable. I will say they lasted longer than I thought they would. Fresh starts were a silly idea with the current state of the game and an even worse idea doing it around their mega brimstone update.

They should merge them all into legacy servers and re-do fresh start at a much later date.

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Only 1 FSS left, and it’s nearly dead.

My brother tried to pass his character from a Legacy server, to my server (Artorius), and he couldn’t because “the server is full”, Full of what? Air?

Every FSS is locked.

You can google nwdb server status, and you’ll see statuses of each.

Likewise, AGS did say (paraphrasing) Legacy and FSS characters will never be able to play together.

Sad, because the only reason why he wanted to comeback to the game, was to play with me. Another player that NW lose, I guess

the people i knew that quit the game that comes back with the fresh server is now gone again. Most of the people left in fresh are the same people who stayed in legacy servers when people are quitting.

Yes, new member recruitment is closed for empty servers. A complete mind blowing.

He waited in que at the entrance when there were 500 online at Artemis yesterday. I don’t understand what AGS wants to do.

I’d rather wait in line than play on an empty server. All regions should merge until only one fresh server remains.

Dang but didn’t y’all say FSS would kill legacy servers? What happened? I thought it was such a good idea back then.

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