Are servers even opening?

Got the game a few days ago on steam. After MANY troubleshooting issues I finally got the game to work and I was excited to finally join my friends who are already so ahead, Just for the game to had implemented its “Cannot create new character on this server” feature a few hours beforehand. Ive waited day and night, Even when the server population hit “Low” the server still would not open. I understand New World has to take extreme measures right now to prevent their servers from popping open like a fat zit, But I cant find it in me to see why I cant join a Low population server with a queue time of zero. Please, If you could, Provide at least some insight as to how often a server will be opened for new characters.

When they say “low” in game, thats the current online population. In contrast “FULL” means they are not allowing new characters to be created on the server. Currently, as far as I am aware, there is not time frame of when they will open the servers that are marked as full to allow more characters. Some of my friends got the game on the weekend and cant play on my server :frowning:

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