Are there any plans to improve inventory and gears management?

Sorry if I missed an official answer on that matter, I played a few hundred hours and consider some additions to current inventory and gear management in general would be more than welcome. Here is what I would love to see in the future:


  • Improving current search function, so we can target perks etc …
  • Being able to sort out items by types (body armor, gloves etc …)
  • Being able to select multiple items we want to lock or repair

Gear management:

I would like being able to save and load gear sets with little to no efforts, the game offers a lot of various activities and this is currently hard and annoying to switch from a complete gear set to another once you have a lot stashed. I would simply add a fancy and efficient system:

  • Create a gearset
  • Name it
  • Select gears you want to add in
  • Ability to load gearset from a list
  • Ability to edit gearset and of course deleting it
  • Done

Thank you for reading

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