Are there bug fixes in today's downtime besides the 3 listed?

Just curious if we are getting any additional bug fixes besides the three mentioned in the post? It’s been three days since 1.1 with no communication on fixes for the ever-expanding list of bugs, so it’s odd that the first thing we hear is a tiny update to just a small amount (important ones I’ll admit).

What? Are you high?

They’ve acknowledged in several dev posts on these very forums you’re on right now that some of the bugs from the last patch are being worked on. Today’s update is to fix incredibly pressing issues.

Again, the things that are broke that might benefit players is fixed so fast. Anything that might slow progression is left broken as long as possible.

Probably (as they had done it in the past) and probably they will introduce new bugs too (they had done it in the past). The real question is: will they even fix these 3? Or two? Or, at least, one?

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