Are these kinds of third parties allowed?

Just wanted to ask u guys if macro’s like this one are allowed in new world? he sits there on orichalcum everyday for hours and is just farming always while being afk

What’s wrong with that? There have been days where I’m bored and just farm a stretch of nodes then afk and read a book for x minutes while I wait for them to start respawning.

To each their own imho :slight_smile:

This person has and should be reported. Bots can also be reported ingame, by hovering your mouse over the character till a " H " appears next to their name, then clicking the report option and filling in details.

Alternativly, there is more information here…

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didn’t react to that ice, 100% wrong. if that was not a bot, it would have react like move or something.

AutoClick Mouse and this is a third program or using his mouse software or macro already included in different mouse.

This should be treated as botting and perma ban.
No question about that !!!

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