Are they gonna fix the dungeon bug?

I saw the Aukumea US-West server was going to reset at 5:35 PT but it went away. When’s the scheduled restart?

Please add the server Harpagion to the list. I have been unable to do this dungeon for almost 3 days now and I can’t progress.

Amrine Expedition on US west server was occasionally 1-2.25 seconds of latency for groups entering for the main story quest. Ended up giving up and trying again the next day. Had to find a group that had a tuning orb though. World is Pohjola I joined when it was underpopulated and it is now closed because it is at character limit. The game was pretty stable the last couple of days with minor freezing of player movement and looking direction that would require a restart of the game. Today the game has been hard crashing with a complete freeze and full fan speed requiring a power cycle of the PC to exit.

Luxendra, I know you’re busy and I don’t expect you to have any details on this, but I play on the Sarragala server and it’s currently categorized as full so my friends cannot make characters there. We haven’t had a queue on the server for days now so I am wondering why it is still full.


Hey all, hopefully I got through most of you but unfortunately I won’t be able to escalate any further requests at this time. Please know that we do have a more permanent fix coming in really soon and we will do our best to continue improving this experience for you.

I appreciate all of your patience and understanding while we work through this. Thank you!


A “full” status usually describes the state of the server. They look at a lot of things like queues, population size, number of characters on that server in total, etc.

Definitely keep your eye on the server list though, it can change day by day.

Eupana NA East has this issue

Why is it being managed in this way though?

A single player reports a server having desync issues, then you restart it?

Why do you not have metrics on this?
X people hanging on quest Y, people doing X amount of damage in dungeon Y, % of people completing dungeon X. Make up any metric and it will show you the worst offending servers at the very minimum.

And if the only solution for the issue is restarting a server, then why not by default restart every single server at a set time?

This is just weird, I am a systems engineer and I don’t get this.

/edit what are you doing for a server restart to take 30m+ though? There’s no states? Re-rolling transactions? It’s weird.

Same issue is happening in Midian. Need a restart.

When will the Tire 5 Nitrogen Plant be repaired? Level 65 carapts cannot be closed !!!

So im on Aukumea and our server just went down so i was wondering what the time window was for coming back to the game. I know the last maint had a two hour window so im curious for this one

I know there have been bug reports as well and people contacting support. So this likely isn’t all they are going on. (I would hope at least.)

Thought I’d let you know that I’m now experiencing artifacting after the most recent crash. System specs:
Ryzen 5 3600
32GB DDR4 3200
RX 5700XT
650W EVGA Gold PSU
Drivers are up to Date as well. Hopefully the more information is helpful.

US West Sarragalla is also part of the restarts for fixing lag bug on expeditions?

Is there an issue with US East Eupana server restart? I see other servers that restarted after us and ours is still down.

Edit: Nvm. It’s up. Thanx

Eupana restart status?

Doing singular server restarts is very unfair to certain people. Restart them all or don’t restart single ones.

I have been stuck in place unable to play the game for days now and just because I didnt ask for a restart I am expected to not be able to play?

Could you please restart Amano Iwato?

Try using the unstuck option in game menu?

On the server Mu, Amrine has been bugged for three days. It consumes your key but won’t let you in. Please restart our server if that will fix it.

trust me, I have tried nearly everything.

I have attempted to use a vpn.
I have attempted to reinstall the game as well as verify the integrity of the files.
I have attempted to disable voice comms in game.
I have attempted to get in a group ingame and instance into a dungeon.
I have attempted /unstuck as well as fast travel and recall.
I have attempted to disable ipv6 on my network settings.
I have attempted to open the specific ports for the game.
I have attempted to create another character on a different server. This didnt work at first for me, but in the last couple hours it has let me log into a different character.
I have attempted to alter my bandwidth settings ingame as well as mess with the video options.