Are they gonna fix the dungeon bug?

@Luxendra Hey! Thanks for the great work helping on this issue. Huokang (NA East) also needs on the list, no one can enter the dungeon. Appreciate it!

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Smh pushing for information here. You won’t get any leaks out of me!


Server restart list posted anywhere? hoping MU east is on that list.

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you are a legend ! :joy:

Ah okay, no its pretty common for people to crash at the empress boss. Guess not enough people ran that one yet then. Thanks for the heads up.

Added! I’m going to go back to my original statement of just liking your post if I’ve added it to the list.


It was worth a try. XD

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How long the Maintance will be running in EU servers?

IF my servers says “server disabled” does that mean itll take a long time ?

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scroll up

Gonna go ahead and post this one for ya, gorgeous scenery :heart_eyes:


Absolutely beautiful. If I could list only 1 thing I like about the game, the graphics and sound design are fantastic.


I love the graphics! And the music in Starstone is epic.

Couldn’t agree more! :smiley:

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To where? A lot of flood here and no main topic about the end of MT

@Luxendra How about any information about the maintenance was told to come to the forum for details but there are none.

Is there a proper place to put bug reports? Every time I leave Amrine my compass stops tracking ores and plants and animals. But it still tracks quests.

scroll up and read man.

I’m absolutely floored by the amount of interaction here from @Luxendra
You? You are amazing. Carry on and THANK YOU!


he/she is a legend for sure :ok_hand: