Are they gonna fix the dungeon bug?

Message of the day is a Known Issue


Already requested for Royllo :slight_smile:

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Hey @Luxendra you’re an angel; We’re also experiencing a lot of lag in the expeditions on Tir Na Nog (EU)

Most people can still enter, but it is really only doable with a team that is overleveled by 5 levels or more.

Eu iroko has the same de-sync issue. :confused:

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We just restarted Iroko :thinking: Escalated Tir Na Nog though.


Do we have a eta on the restart? tonight? tommorow?

nvm, i see your rolling through them

Having the same issue on Ys.

Hmmm weird, we havent been kicked yet (eu Iroko)

When they determine there is nothing preventing them from restarting the server (wars, invasions, etc.) then the team will go ahead and restart them.


im taking it back, just got kicked

Same with Iroko on EU

Patience is key :wink:

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But i was in a dungeon, does the reset mean i wont be able to complete it?

Entrance on Dis is still bugged :frowning:


Just making sure you know specifics of the bug in case nobody said. Sorry I didn’t in OP.

When you try to use an orb key to go in dungeon, sometimes it won’t work (sometimes it does). People will press F1 to enter dungeon, but they won’t enter. You also can’t enter manually through the dungeon’s door by pressing E. It gives the option to join team, but then just nothing happens.

On top of this, you also can’t leave party or teleport anywhere because it thinks you’re in the dungeon and you’re not.

It seems as though everyone gets in or nobody does, not seen any issues where only some team members can get in but others can’t.

And again, it’s happening to a lot of people on Royllo (US-East).

just wanna say reading your replies to everyone is fucking great,
absolute legend :joy:


Yup! We have the details but never hurts to double-check, thanks! Royllo should be getting a restart momentarily if not right now. Team’s rolling through the requests :slight_smile:


@Luxendra how long do restarts usually take?

I was just on my way to turn in my PVP quests, will they be abandoned due to the disconnect or will I still be able to finish them when I get back on? Just curious as to how that works :confused:

Should be a couple of minutes unless they find an issue with the restart. Usually doesn’t take too long though.