Are they gonna fix the dungeon bug?

Awesome, I might still stay up for it then :smiley: Thanks and keep up the good work!

I would assume you’d still be able to complete them :thinking: There’s not a time limit or anything on them iirc.


@Luxendra i was in a dungeon when my reset happend? will i be able to complete that?

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Is this happening on Onogoro as well I know we are affected by the bug. Also will we get the orbs back since I know most people in the company lost their orbs trying to get in?

Honestly probably not. Iirc, tuning orbs are consumed when you hop in. This restart resets the instance so that everything would be back in sync.

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Thank you for already requesting Royllo! My apologies for not noticing someone said it before me. Do you have any ETA on Royllo specifically? If not that’s cool I understand.

Also I’d like to thank you for your quick response and frequent updates here! ^^

I’m not sure about that. My priority is to get the worlds working properly again right now. Sorry :L probably not the answer you’re looking for.

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No issue. Was Onogoro reset or will it be on the list?

Nope, I have no ETA on any of them, I just know that the team’s working on getting those restarts out to the servers I requested.


Currently on the list!

Dindymon is bugged too, can we get a restart plz? Thank you so much for all the work you guys have been doing.

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You are too fast! I just saw that you said Royllo should be restarted momentarilly. Do we need to relog? Will it kick us off?

Are we able to just request servers to be restarted here? If so, can we do Iardanes?


Here’s to hoping anyway! Cheers for the reply!

Love the game overall with exception to the obvious dungeon issues, but hopefully that’s something that will be fixed asap if not with the restart!

Keep up the amazing work y’all do! :partying_face:


It should kick you off but you can log off to be safe.

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I would hope that it’s due to actual expedition de-sync or not being able to get into the expedition, haha but yes, I will submit yours.


Can you put Dindymon on the list as well? Thank you so much

Already did!


Hi @Luxendra!
As a support manager myself, i would like to thank you for your replies, it’s an ungrateful job but nevertheless critical to maintain communication channels open to the community.
Please open more escalations for your devs to get this de-sync issue fixed as soon as possible, i need to get my Amrine hatchet god damnit! :sweat_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Not sure if thats already acknowledged somewhere…are you aware of the level 55 dynasty dungeon crash at end Boss? Really frustrating when 3/5 crash mid fight