Are they gonna fix the dungeon bug?

I think the Amrine door on Dis just ate my orb but I didn’t get in.

I like how this has just become a chat between the peop and one staff member


I suppose it would be too much to ask for an ETA regarding character transfers? :smiley:

Can we add the RP server Orofena to this list?



Oh no! You’ve crossed the line D: reply bot shutting down.

No but in all seriousness, I know the team’s been working really hard to get this feature out this week and they are on track. I don’t have any additional information I can share right now though, sorry!


The same issue exists on EU Iroko. Please fix it :frowning:

Already on the list.



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And what about ETA on void gauntlets? :wink:

I’ve seen one report of a crash in the Depths but it was when they were enterring the expedition. I’d recommend submitting a bug report in the bug reporting section if it’s still occuring for you.

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Hahaha! :rofl: Actually made me giggle hard

Sounds well enough of a reply to me! Thanks a bunch :partying_face:

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@Luxendra Hey! Thanks for the great work helping on this issue. Huokang (NA East) also needs on the list, no one can enter the dungeon. Appreciate it!

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Smh pushing for information here. You won’t get any leaks out of me!


Server restart list posted anywhere? hoping MU east is on that list.

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you are a legend ! :joy:

Ah okay, no its pretty common for people to crash at the empress boss. Guess not enough people ran that one yet then. Thanks for the heads up.

Added! I’m going to go back to my original statement of just liking your post if I’ve added it to the list.


It was worth a try. XD

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How long the Maintance will be running in EU servers?

IF my servers says “server disabled” does that mean itll take a long time ?

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