Are they gonna fix the dungeon bug?

I can confirm Iroko is indeed not back up as of yet

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No its says “server disabled”

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Not yet, no

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nah, I’m from iroko too, still down

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Checking, hold tight


back up now

This is some excellent community interaction :slight_smile:

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Yeah still down why only Iroko ffs ahhah im so unlucky in my life

Sweeeeet. I might just get myself a bowl of ice cream after this :joy:


Ys is still down.


Looking at Ys now.

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okay I got in then kicked, false alarm xD

I appreciate the responses seems like poor management had like 5 minutes heads up server going down for maintence on ys and was told to come to the forums for details and there are none.

Well deserved if anything! Thanks for the lovely interaction, always love to see engaging community representatives :heart_eyes:

Hah we humans can only type/work so fast. Now if only I could automate the responses that come from my head onto the computer instead of me typing :thinking:

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i think there’s no need of information more than what was already said. server restart for fix dungeon de-sync

Just Iroko seem to have a problem not intended

Also happening on nolandia. Tried doing amrine on saturday and sunday, got to final boss room, and couldn’t finish due to not being able to hit anything/not being able to dodge. Would die from boss while he was across the room nowhere near you. Then as dying, boss tp’s onto your body and shows his slam/hitting animations. Tried again today, tuesday, and still cannot progress the main story.

no do not turn forums in to auto reply bots :joy: