Are they ninja buffing/nerfing this time?

every big patches they changed stuff secretly at first sight.

any of u guys noticed changes on weapons or combat this time?? (January Patch on PTS)



well their is 2 new exploits i now of to skip animation from heavy attack on weaps pretty funny

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Bow is getting it’s normal nerf every patch. It would be great if AGS would just openly say what they want people to use… assume whatever new weapon out, for a while anyway.

Then bug report it.

VG is finally getting buffed.

Awesome, hopefully the Great axe is finally going to be buffed aswell. Also wouldnt mind seeing some deeper CCs for WH - feels like those weapons are useless.

VG is getting buffed AF with the blessed perk now being abled. rofl
if VG wasnt meta before its 200% meta now.

Yeah, it’s sad the rangers aren’t even close to the meta right now…

What nerf? I play bow & spear a lot and it’s good actually. They just delete bow jump exploit. It’s broken and very unfair compared to mages for example (if they shoot they are easy targets, if bow shoot you can easily jump around and roll with LA and you are basically impossible to hit)

anything on fire staff or rapier?

Bow gets nerfed because they want to make it like everything else… Left-click and spam ability buttons as fast as you can.

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