Are u crazy ags! mortal emp buff? no bow nerf?

What are u planning to do? why u want us to leave the game? no one had problem with empowerment change why did u cancel it??

And seriously why there is no bow nerf? STOP THİS MADNESS

%30 thrust with 2 phsical aversion. With the upcoming fortify change they wil just one shot you guys :)) gg wp


Im going to lose my mind…



Without that change it would be a dead perk.


Yall need to fix ur eyes asap if u cant see the bow nerf no joke


where is the bow nerf? did u test it at ptr. its more broken than before with the fortify change!!! Just play it then talk

You people are unbelievable :skull_and_crossbones:


Why nerfing forti perforate , it was alrdy useless with the fortification nerf and they double down on nerfing it ? Wtf

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Lol, upset because they decided to make ME actually worth using instead of making it worthless?



i mean im start thinking enitre ags playing bows, they nerf meale to the ground , they nerf nerf bb to the grounde, they nerf all forty to the grounde, bow will be even more broken un real

How did they nerf it into the ground? Still be hella effective…


How tf can u still say that after 3 weeks that the ptr has been out? :joy: they nerfed how much each % of fortify will give you in terms of damage absorption but the cap is literally quadrupled… forti perforate got you to over 50% fortify in 1 go, on top of that if youre in a sacred and have 5x shirking fort youd be getting near 80% fortify aka basically same defense as on live :joy:

also bb get heavly nerf couse of the forty rework death weapon, we have two options
numer 1: Quite the game or number 2 play bow

Till you swap to secondary weapon and lose all, and no1 run perforate on spear in pvp


Nah its good the perk got nerfed to trash now u got 2min to get a new stack. Its a good change! Dont cry and go craft new rings.

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So you’re saying the weapon was strong because of the OP 50% fortify? It’s good that fortify is being nerfed then.

ASB isn’t being nerfed by a huge amount.

Personally love the IG/BB combo, and will continue to use it. :person_shrugging:

Still a good weapon. Even more so with crippling blast shot actually being able to knock down more players, thanks to grit being removed from 300 str.

Will still continue swapping betwee. IG/BB and Rapier/VG.

Fun combos to use.

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sry, where can i find the re-rework post?

No its not dead weapon.
But FS probably FT might be dead with this changes and fortify changes and all mele slow not changed.

that changes looking really bad how now melee players will fight normal because everyone will play with bow and you guys take it our fortify what should i do against bows? really you are doesn’t give us options.i need to see 2 style bruiser constitution or strength but you are saying us its not possible you are will play 300 constitution because you know we need thwarting strikes.then you take it our fortify and you are saying we update bows it will be more broken I’ve lost all hope for the new patch

The perk should be dead. Don’t know why it was added in the first place.