Are u crazy ags! mortal emp buff? no bow nerf?

if 20 ppl (or 50) aren’t able to kill a 5 con archer before he gets 15 kills, maybe the problem is not the balancing xD

apo we have full bis gears with %30 thrust game. just stop talking

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AGS obviously doesn’t understand how broken Bow is in the current Meta and thinks a few very minor percentage changes are enough. Prepare yourselves for another 3 months of BowPR before AGS finally realizes that nobody enjoys playing their game with ranged DEX being extremely overtuned.


bro u in the clip u was walking straight on through the main road, wtf this is so dumb ur the easiest target ever, a greatsword would have killed u as well with 2 heavys. a musket too, a firestaff 2 heavy plus fireball too. full bis? ahaha full bis doesn’t mean u are 350% ALL DMG RESISTANCE. If u really have bis items so u have freedoms and shirk fort? it’s ok, freedom does not affect dmg, shirk fort does, but just if u are able to dodge. if u just press w, wearing bis or craps is equal. train, then complain

Overall Bow DmG nerf by aprox 30%.
Mortal Emp, nerfed to require continuos engagement.
Most bow CC nerfed, meaning is considerably harder to kite.

Everyone takes more dmg, including bow users…

Community Level Genius = “Bow OP — Hurr durr”

“Ranged DMG dealers should die in 1 hit, do no dmg, and not be able to kite a SINGLE player, despite that being their literal role”
“Melee Dmg Dealers should also be able to tank, self heal and be able to chase down target all while being CC immunite if possible, and ALONE, maybe even 1shot everything else in game”
Community State: KeKW Confirmed.

If Firestaff was nerfed too, i would have stoped player PvP, as a melee tank or bruiser (depending on the requirement) this is not fun at all… I hate the fact that they are removing mechanics from the game, i like actually having to use my brain to play and not just look at an enemy and press W towards them to Win.

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Normally there would be serious increases in player count before every major update. But with this update news, the number of players decreased even more. Ags did not keep his promise. The bow and musket that should get the real nerf.

You got weird math… you are percenting the percent reductions… and then adding them all up… if we did great axe this way it’s like 1200% nerf.

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Well with refreshing cooldown on kills they should either limit stacks to 5, instead of 15, OR reduce dmg per stack to 0.3%-0.5%.


Only option for BB players is option 1 quit the game.

Bruh I don’t think I’ve ever been 2 tapped by a bow lmao. The problem is it should have more arrow fall off or simply add more cover to opr… it’s a range weapon so it should be good at range but all the range weapons just go to far(opr). Arenas however show different results and bows ain’t nearly as effective as mages or melees.

Unfortunately they don’t bring bow nerfs. now after update we will play full bow with my pvp group

5-10 stacks are enough to get close to max empower with keenly empowered. If you don’t want to die as range player, you will not die, if a melee comes at you just turn around and run or 2-3 shot them.

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I’m for the nerf but so many people complained about it…… damned if they do damned if they don’t

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Because they’ve made almost all the money they are willing to work for in New World. And want to push people to spend greater amounts of money on the upcoming releases. It’s a simple soulless cold-calculated move that will make them more money with much less work. Amazon is a corporation after all. This is to be expected once New World lost over 95% of it’s popularity.

New World is not losing players because bows in your opinion are in need of nerf. New World is losing players because it can’t compete with the fun factor of other games in its genre in any area.

you made another post crying with the same clip?? XDDD
imma say the same, you’re running 100 con build with 10% less crit reduction, the bow definetely has vicious, plus s lot of ME stacks, stop crying :))

Last night there 3 bow players killed an average of 28. Mortal emp has the biggest impact here. It has an incredible effect on damage. Mortal emp should get more nerfs.

you ruined musket then cried for fire mage so even before patch releases - AGS nerfed it too, and now you cry for bow…

I am a true loyal legal musket player and all of our gear and gameplay, time, effort, gold are all gone, thanks to people like you that AGS instead of fixing the musket to re-define its role in the game, thy just nerfed it so hard and then AGS is saying to our face to play another ranged weapon… I plan to play bow this time but now you people says to AGS to nerf it too…

Melee should get nerfed really that thy can catch anyone so easily without getting less damage if you kite well and then killing musket or bow users who wear light armor with 2-3 clicks via combo without spending any real effort comparing to musket or bow…

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