Are we asking the right question in terms of Server merging?

I was thinking about this guys response in another thread quite a lot today and was thinking to myself, “Are we asking the right questions when it comes to server merging ?” so i decided to make a single post for it.

Yes i agree they should merge all world sets into 1 - 2 servers, BUT the main thing they need to look at more then the size of the incoming server is the size of all the servers combined.

As this guy said, if all the server would merge into 1 in EU and still only be 1,000-1,200 full at a given time, you need to think about incoming people, IF the game does a game changing update, or releases some nice content that other people see and get the game. 2,000 slots just isn’t enough at that point. Edit: and more as someone below stated.

So the question is, do they up the limit of the current server, making it like 5,000 - 10,000, which will impact the economy? or just keep making servers as needed as they have now…

That would affect a lot more than the economy. Performance/lag, resource availability (farming), etc…

I wouldn’t go any higher than 2500 if I were them (then again I have no idea what it’s like to play on a full server)

this is true, i guess these flew over my head at the time.

It is one of the design flaws in the game. The population limit of only 2000 and the way the content was designed to require large amounts of people, creates a very narrow sweet spot.

Unfortunately the design of the game dictates that population limit so they can’t just magically double it. They are going to have to fuss with server population issues for the life of the game.

The game becomes unstable at anything over 2200. Even that is pushing it and can cause the game to stop functioning correctly under certain conditions. It’s not a hardware issue, it’s a code issue.

yeah, so all these people asking for whole world set merges aren’t thinking about the issues that come with it.

That’s what i’m trying to show people in the forums that what we’re asking for is but isn’t the right move.

The only thing AGS did right is capping servers at 2k.

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