Are we wasting our time with New World?

Before I get super into this topic, just know I am still currently playing this game everyday and grinding like the rest of us.

I am trying to debate in my head if this game can truly go the distance. When I think of solid MMOs a lot of really long lasting games come to mind. I can only hope that this game has the ability to recover from the travesty of a launch.

The more hours I sink into this game the more it comes to mind are we all just wasting our time grinding? AGS has a terrible past when it comes to the management team canceling game titles or dev for game titles. I know their are other people who feel this same way as I do and I want to start a thread expressing some ideas and possibilities that can potentially help this game do a 180. I know nothing is ever guaranteed, but when it comes to the immense grind this game brings to the table, how positive are we that this isn’t another one of AGS cancelations?

Their is a lot to critic about this game and the issues it has but ill still play and support the dev team that’s been dealing with all this from day 1 of dev. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

I was with you until “immense grind”.

All games are a waste of time. Seeing them as something “worth investing in” because they will stick around for a certain period of time isn’t the best way to look at it – it’s entertainment, and should be judged on the basis of whether you’re enjoying it and being entertained, or not.

As for not sticking around, there are some MMOs with very small populations that are still around. Then there are other MMOs that were canceled by big companies that had bigger pops than other games that were not canceled. Hard to predict, in other words. I would say that if I were to venture a guess, since AGS does have the checkered track record of pulling games, that they and Amazon mothership will err on the side of not doing that with New World unless the situation is really dire (i.e., they produce new content and noone comes back to play or something similar) – that would be my guess.


I can agree with your point. It puts a different perspective on the way I view gaming as a whole. My biggest thing is this game has a lot of grindy aspects that arent always the most entertaining. I am new to the MMO genre though so I dont know if this is a genre specific thing or New World. This game has made me appreciate MMOs more and I might be looking to try others but I cant shake this game for some reason.

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Depends on how you really look at it and how you play the game. Its all perspective. Im new to MMOs so for me it is more of a grind then other games ive played. No one enjoys farming 50k rawhide to leather leather working. If you want the best armor though you need to do it which is a bummer.

The only addendum I would add here is that the only time a human can waste is time they are unhappy. Video games are not a waste of time, the time went exactly where I wanted it to. To making me happy.

Imho - New World is a dead game. Enjoy it whilst you can, it won’t be here for very long.

Kill the exactly same mob for hours, in the hopes that it drop a slight better item than you watermark, that probably is worst than the green one that you bought from Trading Post for 50 gold coins…

When you are bored you can go to a elite zone to collect chests or queue for a Outpost Rush if your server are not dead.

After repeating it for a couple months, you can now proceed to the new map to:

  • Kill the exactly same mob for hundred hours (but now he is GREEN)
  • Collect the same chests (but now the chests are in a brand new SAND area)…

My friends are doing it in the hopes that after they achieve the promised land (aka gearscore 600) the game will start be fun

To answer the question in your title, simply rephrase it a bit {the way you’re thinking of the question}. Are you enjoying your time ingame right now? – If you answered yes, then it’s not a waste of time.

The ultimate fate of the game {how long it remains in operation}, what others think of the game, and so on doesn’t really matter here. The payout of any game is ‘enjoyment’, there’s no long term bonus games provide beyond the immediate experience.

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I know server time us not cheap. If you think “Amazon owns the servers. I costs them nothing” then you have never work at a corporation.

One department must “buy” from other departments. If AGS can not afford the servers they will shut it down. They might have budget for a few months or a year but not forever.

That is what will kill it. Right now there is nothing generating revenue other than the cash shop. I for one am not spending a single penny more. So if you want to save the game don’t white knight here. Go to the cash shop and dump money. ASAP.

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