Are we worried about another 20% Population Drop?

I’m not worried, I’m certain that it’s just a matter of time until they drop even further. they won’t save it at this point.

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You need keys for expeditions… so after introduction of mutators it will drop again… AGS knows how to piss off players


Yea I noticed that too even our peak went down for another 8k in total so maybe they ban bots. I think that 5-10% of previous population were bots. So I guess they banned them but they will come back, after making this game f2p, I am sure they will do it sooner or later cuz of lack of new players.

The 5 minutes per day that I play, because there is no progression playing PvP, I only see bots. Bots everywhere. Nice, no progression while playing PvP in a game with human players are the minority… Good that atleast bot owners are well equipped… progression = get a bot… Well done AGS.

I cant say that for Nericus. Yesterday I saw 9 Bots in 3 different zones. 2 made “pair run” in WS…
It is a major issue for many players, but a business for AGS.
…anyway, if there were no players buying cheated gold, no bots would exist.
Both sides must be blamed for this situation.

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Of course there would be a pop drop.
When servers got merged, more players got mashed together with RMT, cheaters, and exploiters. Since AGS hasn’t handled cheaters and exploiters, they continue to drive away legitimate players.

There’s probably going to be another round of merges by Q2, into one server per region.

Even if they got banned they will return sooner or later more sooner and you are completly right, but to be honest in this game earnjng money is very easy I dont know why ppl taking part in rmt.

If the 20% will be bots, I will celebrate that:) really depends who you lose and why.

Only rescue for this game is release af F2P with balanced premium service buyable from item shop I hope they will add something like this, people are bored cuz there is nothing to do here in late game, when you maxed everything.

Why are you guys so worried if it goes down and are monitoring so often ? Devs got even more data than we can see. Time outside new world you spend on forums to talk about new world. Feedback as you all say and think, helps the game so this nonsense about population going down that everyone sees all the time doesn’t help your new world mania

If tax revenue stays at it’s current levels and restitution is not made.

If bugs remain in fixed and lag, desync, rubber banding, and we don’t get a smooth gameplay experience.

If bots are not removed and nodes not personal or dynamic so we can farm instead of waste hours running the map for nothing

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Explain me who is enough stupid to play a grind simulator forever ?

mabe you are an AI bot and we dont know it

funny when i was farming, since release, i never saw 1 bot. usually when i see botlike behaviour i pm “yo are you a bot?” all the times i did this 5sec i got a conversation with the player

With 86k players being the current peak I would say we are definitely teetering on the edge of needing a second wave of server mergers.

When Annwyn merged into its group to become Sanor it was expected to be around 1k peak based on current server info at the time. Its now back down towards 550-600 give or take a few. Terrible considering 4 servers got merged. When it drop to this level this is when it feels quiet in game …

Does that active player population include the bots?

Players are burned out from the grind. Announcing another cap to GS nobody asked for is just pushing away remaining loyal players that went through the hardest times of this game.
I realy hope they dont push the january patch as planned.

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Bots are more active than hardcore gamers, they gather 24/7.

Reasons why players stay can be:

  1. They like NW, ignoring its failures - “real fans”
  2. Cheaters, who dont care serious gaming
  3. Bot Companies, they earn money with NW
  4. Hopless optimists, who still believe, AGS is interested to change fundamental stuff
  5. Newcomers, who dont care end game and enjoy lvling

I got two friends into new world as newcomers. Both stoped playing at lvl 30 when the game told them " you need to reach lvl 40 to continue with the main quest" …
As a Player since day 1 i was actualy wondering why AGS still has not done anything about such things that just scare away newcomers. I really thought they changed something about the way to progress from lvl 1 to lvl 60.
But hey…new cap 625 is gonna save the game…

The population drop will not stop unless they introduce new content. Especially new (accessible) dungeons, zones, weapons etc.

Currently, they are mostly refining existing systems (e.g. gearing/watermark system). They have really improved the gearing-system and usefulness of crafting in the last couple months. I was honestly suprised when I came back to the game a week ago. However, this type of content won’t satisfy or hype the average player.