Are we worried about another 20% Population Drop?

I got two friends into new world as newcomers. Both stoped playing at lvl 30 when the game told them " you need to reach lvl 40 to continue with the main quest" …
As a Player since day 1 i was actualy wondering why AGS still has not done anything about such things that just scare away newcomers. I really thought they changed something about the way to progress from lvl 1 to lvl 60.
But hey…new cap 625 is gonna save the game…

The population drop will not stop unless they introduce new content. Especially new (accessible) dungeons, zones, weapons etc.

Currently, they are mostly refining existing systems (e.g. gearing/watermark system). They have really improved the gearing-system and usefulness of crafting in the last couple months. I was honestly suprised when I came back to the game a week ago. However, this type of content won’t satisfy or hype the average player.

I actually could not care less what the overall population is. I prefer to play with a medium population on my particular server…but whatever it is, I will still get along just fine.

Except for the bots. The bots directly interfere with my gameplay and enjoyment every day, multiple times a day. And I am not that annoyed by such things, normally, because if someone is botting in some obscure area, I really don’t care.

The #1 problem with New World that may drive me away is, because AGS has encouraged botting, they now occupy and dominate the best gathering spots and most populated areas boldy, and with impunity. Literally every 3 star hotspot, and every node outside of Windsward, the Grand Central of the game, is overrun with bots, denying players the resources and gameplay.

The botters don’t even try to hide it. They don’t have to. They know AGS doesn’t care.

I would lay good money that at any given hour, 10% of the active population are bots. Not exaggerating. A full, healthy 10% of the population at any given hour, on any given server.

It’s catch 22 for the devs because everyone was originally complaining at the lack of end game. Now they are pretty much focused on that (yes I know basically stretching it out rather that new content) but the community now want everything fixed first.

If I was in charge I personally would have delayed work on this upcoming release to next month and left a couple of staff working on it and started to focus & knuckle down on bots and bug fixes now.

If all the disgusting gold sellers and their bots that have monopolized the economy on so many realms practically circling all the popular gathering routes with several bots will leave to Lost Ark which they will most likely do since it will make them more money then this game all of a sudden is going to lose least 20% of the player base which might actually be even more if certain active players will also leave for Lost Ark because why not even though New World and Lost Ark are two different games.

And then we will have the time gated content that will lock out players on top of the fact that most of the realms are fragmented barely surviving with 500 active players.

I was thinking that the mutators will make players to want to get involved with the game but it might have the opposite effect making players to hate the game even more.

This is one of the reasons about the drop:


400 players in the server… you lucky ones, we have 180 in our best momments… Everyone is leaving the server because we cant do anything, 0 pvp, 0 bgs etc. and after 1 month complaining about it still 0 responce… they just dont care. No tokens, no merges no solutions only bugs and problems.

I dont want to play in a game where basically you are ignore by the @Developer team.

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Okay fine. It was hitting nearly 120K on weekends during the holidays and then 110K on the first weekend after the holidays.

The weekdays were 110K+ during the holidays, they were 100K the first week after the holidays.

Are you happy now? Or are you going to keep living in denial?

Why do you think they havent done anything about the bots? i see more and more bots, and not any new players, cant ban bots they will drop stats even more, with how these morons run a game its probably them who add bots to the game.

This game is down to ~ 86k primetime players. Just dropped by 20k from early January to now. It’s still losing around 10k players a week.

New World hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, the journey continues. This game has no future and the January update won’t change that as it doesn’t tackle the issues of the game at all.

Peak players on Wednesday and Thursday was 87k and 86k. By February it’ll be lower than 70k. By mid 2022 this game will have 20k active players, at best.

Im always happy with truth

Lets face it, the Dec patch was probably as good as it was going to get… the Jan patch is filled with stuff that make the game less enjoyable. I foresee a mass exodus in the coming weeks.


Just a crumb.

lololololololol so youre just working on the fear part then?

Burn it to the ground then I guess.

if people want to quit, they can do so.

I don’t want to play with quitters anyway.

This is an MMO. With factions and companies we belong to.

If you aren’t going to stick around, you’re detrimental to that aspect of the game to everyone involved.



I like how you think their is enough players buying RMT gold to support a player base of 20% bots. That’s cute.

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Don’t worry! They are doing it:

im assuming there are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. after server merges the game became too competitive for the average player even on the pve farm grind also larger number of bots
  2. the inflation caused by huge taxes and large companies on higher pop servers has priced normal players out of high end gear and therefore content since it is as point 1 said very hard to farm your own gear.
  3. the general toxity of high pop servers has driven people away
  4. people are waiting for more content
  5. the extent of daily time gates has driven away the casual player
  6. the need of daily grinding has left people behind and uncompetetive
  7. people aren’t happy with the state of the pvp within the game.

Why on earth would I worry something as trivial as that?

If the game makes it, it makes it. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Worrying about it will do no good. Completely beyond my control.

So no, from where I sit…I have zero vested interest in numbers going up or down. I’ll play the game as long as I’m having fun. When I stop having fun…wait for it…I won’t. Crazy stuff right there. I won’t worry one way or another about it. And I certainly won’t loiter on the forums telling how bored I am and how Amazon ate my baby. Freaking whackadoos.

Why people get all bunged up over this shit never ceases to amaze me.



I wish I had wrote this.