ARE You Serious I have been Banned For Litterlly reporting the Dumping that was going on the server today This is A joke for real

I didn’t either, but he did post about the duping in a thread, and it sounds like he did take advantage of it by buying a large quantity of mats, even if he didn’t do the duping.


taking an advantage of the low prices ingame isnt a wrong thing to do as long as it doesnt break the rules of game which are cheating or duping

well i dont understand banning people that play ur game regardless of the hours because an issue caused by the last patch is not a smat idea.I think We deserve an apology from AGS for making these Kind of Mistakes in a patch thay just released i mean look at the state of the game at the moment its dying day by day lets be honest here dud

dud AGS were Sleeping when People were shouting out here like freeks to stop the Dping that going on the servers where were they at 8 hours from now like brother lets be real here this is joke

they fucked up the patch and made a mistake other wise people wont take or buy or use duping in the first place like litterelly it ingame feture duping like LOL

AGS has this to say about buying exploited items.


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Not My Problem AGS Fix your Game we heard so many sorry s from them like why punish players for behaving bad when u the one providing it???


I’m still curious…how many eggs?

dude 200 imagine

It is your problem.

[quote="[Notice] Duplication Bug / Wealth Transfers - March 3, post:1, topic:706626"]
any player taking advantage of this exploit will be penalised for violating our Code of Conduct.

well no point there buddy thats just shifting the blam to players

You banned.


200 isn’t that much. I don’t think perma-ban fits the crime if true. AGS won’t discuss these things her in topic, so all we have is your word. anyways, GL.


You bought 200 eggs! If you would have bought 2 or 20 i might sympathize.

200? Oh well.

lol dude ur so funny just stop

No, hell no. 1,000+ hour players don’t get to cheat any more than 10 hour players get to.

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Lol dude youre banned im not.

well 2k player doesnt deserve a ban like this one when its totally Patch Fault this is a Joke

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well friend keep that up ur cool

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Keep up crying about cheating and getting banned.