Area/Quest: Vehemence, Our Own Worst Enemy

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Castle of Steel

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Double number of intended mobs and almost instant respawn rate.

I watched numerous people try to solo this quest. None were successful.

I teamed up with another person three times. Even with a team of two, there are so many mobs, and they respawn so fast, that we were unable to survive (GS 615 here).

I think it’s a bug. Out of exasperation, I watched some YouTube videos of other people going into Vehemence and doing this quest. The videos show half as many mobs, spawning at half the rate. The people who made the videos were easily able to solo the quest because they weren’t being attacked by ten mobs at the same time, and mobs weren’t instantly respawning behind them.

  • (if a bug) How did the issue affect your gameplay:

Quest is impossible to solo for everyone I watched try to do it. Even in pairs, it wasn’t possible to clear an area long enough to search chests and whatnot, because it’s a constant, non-stop battle against respawning mobs. There’s no time to do anything else.

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Go into Vehemence in Shattered Mountains.

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11/16/2022, 10:00 pm EST

Thanks for reporting this, DippyDoodle. I’ll get this over to the team.

I’ve reached out to the development team over this issue as an update, DippyDoodle.

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