Arena Changes ruined Arena

Arena changes with being able to use your own consumables was absolutely not needed, and ruins the feel of arenas completely.

I am trying to understand the logic for it as no one asked for it to be changed, everyone had options to choose from of the same stuff, much more balanced than now.

There is a lot wrong with arenas, consumables isn’t one of them.
U need to buy a tier 5 food/oakflesh/dust once.
Then u are set, not sure what the big deal is?

Was it needed, thats a whole other question.


right? the inconvenience of having to use different stat food ( as I use low con so I need split dmg stat food) which means out of arenas im not in spec, as well as forgetting my potions and stuff in my hotbar when I want to pvp was actively why I avoided arenas. Im glad that I can go in not worrying about redoing my whole build and hotbar for a 5 minute pvp game.


Personally, I don’t like oakflesh and gemstone usage. Makes teams with a healer even tankier now.


having a team with a healer is more of a skill check tbh, ive beaten plenty of well put together three stacks with healers and proper comps with comps like 3 100 con DPS or 2 tanks 1 dps. its all a matter on what u do in the match. would I say its a lot harder? yes, a healer vs no healer is automatically a disadvantage. is it OP? not really, just adapt. use what everyone in ur 3s team has to make that healers job a lot harder. u have a bruiser on ur team? well a good bruiser can CC stun lock a healer to death once they catch them. have a bow on ur team? have them focus the healer the whole game.

I would describe it more as a damage/gear check than a skill check. You could be amazing at the game, but if you fail to do have a certain level of DPS, which is determined by your gear, you can never kill an average healer.

Anyway, I did like arenas better without gemdust/oak flesh. People don’t normally use these in PvP, so it kind of makes arenas this weird artificial PvP mode.

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Yeah the use of these and the composition with a healer team on top of it was difficult without these things already, made it easier for a team comp with a healer to win an arena super quick and with ease against anything that isnt the exact same, dont get me started on solo queueing how much of a joke that is being put against a healer and 2 dps composition and have to rely on randoms that could be anything and will quickly know theyre low geared and casual pvping.

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I think a solo queue would make arenas a lot more enjoyable for many players.

Maybe but currently the change they made only made arenas better for the sweatiest players with full group compositions.

what? literally everyone uses these in pvp, and especially in war.

They were only used exclusively in war and maybe opr or some open world cases(if it was a large group fight) as they’re a more large scale group fights, it doesn’t really belong in small arenas where based on if you have a group or maybe get lucky or unlucky when solo q’ing was either a difficult I or easier time.

The fact is arenas were much more enjoyable and balanced as a whole pre patch because everyone had the same consumables to pick from.

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it was used a lot in pvp as a whole lmao, not just certain occasions. the T5 ones are for things like war, but the low tier ones are literally used by everyone lol

Its not just that, but the godlike gear creep is slowly effecting Arenas.
Especially with the new adjusted weapon/armor perks.

How can any sane normal player find the money to spend 200 upwards to 500k for a pants because it hits the trifecta.

Arenas after the patch are so outta whack, It has little to do with dust or oakbalm. I used to win a good amount of matches, but with this patch I either get roflestomped the first 3 minutes or I get roflstomped over 10 minutes.

I have 5 pieces with resil and shrinking.


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