Arena Fire/Heal Debuff

Firstly, getting demolished by the fire DoT when you’re standing 10 feet away needs to be fixed…like right now. I don’t want to even queue because matches are so wildly unfair when you win or lose to this broken mechanic.

Second, the heal debuff is to significant and to rapid. Ranged and healers are already at a disadvantage due to the restriction of play area after the fire closes in on your. The healing debuff needs to be reduced in terms of % healing reduction and how quickly it takes effect.

Lastly, the 3v3 arena does not feel tactical at all. You can’t setup kill combos, you don’t wait for the right tactical moment to implement a strategy. Due to the fact that heals are reduced and the fire closes in on you, it’s a mindless melee of players blowing cooldowns. I feel like 3v3 arena is playing checkers then someone flipping over the table midgame because the house started burning down. Instead it could feel like a game of chess. The fire needs to be delayed another minute or two in order to promote strategy and reduce the mindless spamming of cds.


I think it’s a little more in depth than that. If the fire took any longer the matches would never end. Assuming each squad is evenly matched. Some of the most fun matches was standing in the exact middle of the arena trying to out dps the other guys.

From a healer I don’t mind the healing debuff, I think it’s a fair mechanic, possibly could weaken it a little bit, but it should remain.

I do agree with the ring of fire hitting when not close to it. I’ve died multiple times the the ring, started to tick damage as soon as it closed though I was playing in the middle of the arena. Not sure what is going on there, but they need to fix it

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