Arena is getting annoying

The only thing i see in arenas is GS and SnS, heavy armor, practically uncounterable by any class who isn’t a bruiser, doesn’t this thing have to be balanced in arenas?

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People run what is viable, and ignore what isn’t. It is just as simple as that. Regardless, I agree with you that the lack of build diversity is annoying and shows the lack of balanced weapons across different playstyles.

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Yeah dude but arena is just like League of Legends ARAM, somethings need specific balancing to be fun or else some classes would be too abusive, for example the disease for healers.
Having 3 heavy SnS make practically any light class unviable in arena, do you really think that would still be funny?

Whats ARAM

Yep, arenas was my favorite part of new world. By the end of the first day of patch day, people discovered the cheese of the SnS.

LOL’s 2nd game mode, stands for All Random All Middle (as map resembles middle lane on standard map), where it’s 5v5 with randomly selected characters, with an option to roll next character up to 2 times

I just want a solo que :frowning:

What’s made SnS/GS in heavy the favorite?

What skills, perks and gems are run?

The same as light SnS, the thing is the heavy armor is almost impossible to counter as a light armor player

The SnS and GS have the most tracking in the game.

Then SnS has a slow, Achilles heel, which in addition to the changes to dodge, make it hard for your enemy to escape.

GS does good damage and has a lot of debuffs (slow, rend, disease).


Thank you

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