Arena queue still not get fixed seriusly AGS

LOL seriusly AGS?


What’s wrong with the arena queues in New World?

Lol! I’m guessing you don’t play Arenas often?

The search button bugs out with the “waiting for players” thing after a match (sometimes, it takes 2 matches) and you have to queue for OPR then leave the queue to reset the Arena search button.

The bug was present in PTR, reported and still made it to live. nothing surprising really.


Tbh its not game breaking bug xProbably they forgot about xd

Yeah it’s not the worst thing.
It’s just funny that it’s still a thing and I’m sure the devs would have fixed it if they actually played Arena :smiley:

Ah I see. And to answer your first question. No I don’t PvP in New World anymore. I go PvP in other games or MMOs. I find New World’s style of PvP to be boring and lacking.

Only thing I do in New World these days is log in for 30 to 120 minutes and kill some NPCs and farm Edensgrove. Then log out and go play either GW2, or Apex, or Stellaris, or Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion.

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I don’t blame you.

I stopped playing the game last Thursday and decided to put my energy into other things.

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