Arena Queues - Its not too late

It is not too late to fix arena queues on PTR prior to next weeks patch.
We need to stop teams from queueing as 2 into arenas.
We need solo queue, or team queue (groups of 3).
Stop the healer premade farmfest in what should be solo queue games.


Yep, it should be trios only and solos only.

No duos.

Duos ruin the experience for solos, and solos stop queueing. Then duos don’t like to fight other duos because its a fair fight, so no one ends up queueing.


Nobody plays arenas to begin with, no need to waste Dev time on it.

remove healers from arenas and people will start playing them again.

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I agree. Sometimes it’s interesting if you get on a good team yourself, even without a healer. But for the most part it’s just people abusing some glass cannon build with a pocket healer. I don’t care that much but it stops most people from queuing

remover healer from pvp, then adjust other wep accordingly would set new world to the right path