Arena x3 pls ags

please ags! Remove the circle of fire and place a healing penalty, starting the reduction low and going down to 0%.
Limit consumables to pot hp and mp only.

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I actually really like this idea! Instead of shrinking the map just stop allowing people to heal. I am not sure which option is better but I think should be considered.

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Or increased damage taken with reduced heals (dampening)

As time goes on you get more stacks.

If you played WoW arena you would be familiar with this

Edit: Turns out there is a form of dampening already perhaps AGS can elaborate the effects of this dampening such as how much you are affected after how long and so forth

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The chosen mechanic oddly favors melee.

However I don’t think y’all are thinking about trolls. With dodging and pillars, a good player could hold your game hostage indefinitely.

They should nerf healing and consumables from the start AND have the ring of fire, imo.


circle of fire = another way to incentive heavy armor ppl spamming left clicks.

“so fun”


or running all healers lol

Never been a fan of consumables in any arena fighting


Not Really

I have EASILY danced around 2 other players before for as long as I wanted. Depending on your opponents’ weapons, you could absolutely stall a match even with healing reduced. If they are melee and you avoid the roots and stuns (which is easy in small scale), you should never die.

Now the dodge changes might make that much harder; I haven’t played in the PTR.

My point is that they clearly want fast matches and combat mechanics in that game require something like the ring of fire.

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Until the ring of fire closes in.

Right that’s what I’m saying… I think you’re just using some strong words here lol. Carry on!

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There must be a communication breakdown here. I’m discussing WHY the ring of fire is necessary, even if it favors melee… As opposed to just dampening.

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What mechanic doesn’t favors melee in this game lol.
They should have been just copy the already working arena system like the wow’s one. Reduce the healing and thats it, limiting kiting is just plain stupid.

Dude. If it’s 1v1 at the end I could literally never let the game end if I wanted to. They would have to add a concede button lol…

And that’s just with you trying to kill me. Imagine if a team of trolls decided to not kill you lol

You couldn’t kill someone who cant heal and just kiting? how? Are you only using your left click or what?

Because it’s super easy to kite in this game? If your goal is to win a duel, that’s a different story. If your goal is to not die, it’s stupid easy… Even without healing.

No no bows and musket will kite till death, also it would give light armor big advantage, also oneshot builds will be able to kite everytime they failed till success.

Just try to play an arena , where you kiting but you cant use any heal. You will lose, you cant dodge mindlessly anymore so a hit from some ability will catch you sometimes. Same to @MrSky, a bow or musket isn’t some magic weapon that will defend you from a leap or pod or any other ability.

I call BS. No shot you are that good at kiting, especially in arenas and after the stamina changes.