Arena XP improvements

Arenas give too little XP to make them worth playing, in comparison to other methods like the more popular pvp missions in Great Cleave. Or even open world fighting because of the cooldown on people giving XP once they’ve died. My solution to this is to give a flat rate of pvp XP for winning and losing like the system currently implemented, but add dynamic scaling XP rewards based on performance.

All in addition to base pvp xp earned

  1. PvP xp per kill ( 50xp/salt per kill )

  2. Win streak bonus ( amount scaling on how high the win streak is )

  3. Solo queue multiplier ( 1.25x XP for solo queuing, making it more worth it and more rewarding if you solo carry your team, or if you lose but individually performed well )

I think these along with a small nerf to the pvp missions in GC specifically, ( keep other territories the same amount to incentivize territory pushes, but lower the incentive to do it in a neutral zone like GC ) would really balance things out. Show some support if you guys agree so we can get something like this added ASAP !


Hi AGSplease, thank you for coming to the forums to share your opinion on how to improve arena. I will make sure it gets forwarded to the right people so they can have a look. Have a great day!

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100% agree with his feedback. Arena XP is massively overshadowed by Great Cleave right now.



Thank you please do, any update on the maelstrom fix ?

On my serv, there’s people already lvl 100+ pvp
They done 75-80% of this grind by running and killing people at GC.

AGS need to improve reward for Arena

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They could replace the PVP missions with others related to arena or OPR. For instance you get 1500 xp for successfully capping a base 3 times in OPR. Win 3 opr to get 4000 xp. You can get 500 xp for dealing 50k dmg/healing in arena, etc. They can leave world kills as they are as they already give enough xp, or just keep the PVP missions where you need to kill X players to get their tokens. The problem with that is that players will trade kills but they could add a 5 min cd to token drops to prevent that.

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+1 to solo pvp xp bonus

No. The scoring system sucks. Any system built on top of that will also, certainly, be absolute dogshit.

Also nerfing missions in GC specifically will spread out the players currently enjoying a PvP hotspot. Due to this more people will complain about how there isn’t enough players actually having to PvP to gain PvP XP.

Wow, surely there aren’t territories making millions of coins that some company would want to take over right?

Point is, there’s already enough incentive to push a territory into conflict in an effort to claim it.

Firm disagree

Why? What’s your reasoning?

I think your idea to increase rewards for solo queue is good even though it’s completely opposite to how other games work.

+1 on more exp for soloQ.
This would encourage us to queue even when we know there are premades with LS vg ig farming arena for free xp.
I feel like they should do this for general exp as well, the xp distribution is highly skewed it should be less based on how many people contributed to your death. 1v1 should be more xp, more assists even if from a different faction should give less xp or distribute equally instead of skewing it.

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A great option would be to completely disable pvp tasks in neutral territories. Ability to buy some items (armor, weapons) in the faction store for the new Azoth Salt currency. :sunny: This would add interest to PVP activity especially if the faction store would have really Unique to the faction items that can only be bought for the new currency. This applies not only to perks but also to the external stylistics of the items.

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