Arenas coming soon, help ags this could change everything!

Hello community, I wanted to share something with you before the arenas arrive.
It would be nice after you fight in the arenas, opr or open world and climb the leaderboard for an additional reward!
A prominent title above the name as an example:
Are you in the top 10 of the ranking?

  • Governor (Nice big on the all golden name that shines with an icon!)
    Are you in the top 50?
  • Official 4-star (Nice big on the name with an icon!)
    Are you in the top 100?
    And so on, let’s say this system would make it more visible who is good and who is not good at doing everything to win the title!
    And why not if I see someone in the open world with the title Governor I’m far away because I know he’s good!
    Clearly the titles are an example but it could be a beautiful thing and take someone like me, he would do anything to achieve that coveted title!
    What do you think?
    If you like this, comment on this post let’s get it to the developers

good suggestion i agree
ranking should give you recognition

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