Arenas needs to have healer balance

your delusional if we want ‘easy click’, because healers literally are the reason for seamless easy click, you cant kill them when you have 2 others attacking you and even then they still heal from 1 to 10000 hp… in a instant. WITH consumables…

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Bruh you’re just a healer who has to heal over 500k health for your team in 3v3 pvp. lol sit down, stop playing with scrubs and you won’t need to be a healer

I mean you’re a scrub, so your comment is a bit ironic.
My company members did a great job. Slaughtered the other team. Anything but scrubs.

they had less than half the heals you gave your teammates lol. You just got lucky they had a bad healer. If they had a better healer your team would have been swept into the trash

if they didn’t ‘slaughter’ i would be surprised…

thats what they dont think of. if you have a half brain you can heal efficiently if the other team doesn’t have a healer or if your team has a healer.

I have killedhealers before in 3v3s, but its literally because they are garbage. if you even fight a mediocre one, its far far harder. Not because of skill, simply because they sit in sacred while you focus them, and are still having to deal with their other 2 players.

Poeple think your 3v1ing the healer lmao. they forget there’s 2 other most likely DPS on the enemy team…

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