Arenas with Umbral and PVP Gear are the way

Yes. I know. This game needs more fluidity, changes in taxes, wars, general combat optimalisation, faction balance and more company interactions (storage, quests, events).
We need also more orbs for expeditions or free entrances (and orbs as rewards multiplicators)…
There were several topics about stuff like that. I loved all stuff.

Players care about this game, and that’s why they are so emotional.
I am also emotional, made a lot of topics, because this MMO was first in years that hooked me up so greatly.

Finishing my useless blabering. I wish for Arenas to be added in this game ASAP.
We need 1vs1, 3vs5, 5vs5 arenas. Not PVE+PVE mix like Outpost Rush. Just a clear arenas on a closed zone where we can fight in a friendly or rank matches.
Playing that mode should provide umbral shards and tokens for pvp gear (maybe faction gear upgrade?)
There need to be weekly reward for pariticipating and also each match + weekly rank reward (for rankeds).
The higher you climb the better reward you can get (maybe arena outfit to stand out from the crowd).

Players underestimate how much it would change the game… for the better.
It would be a second activity in this game that would be real endgame target for players. First one was mutated expedition (aiming for high level).
Right now you reach the end and can go outpost or war. Outpost does not have real ranks, and war is for company. Not for your own glory.

I hope many of you will answer in this topic and AGS will notice…

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