Arjuna server urgent merge

Hi adventurers of Aeternum!

Thanks for your preference with Amazon Games and New World.

We don’t have any information about any merge so far, but we suggest you to keep an eye to our new section in our website New World


350 peak players while others servers have 800+, how you dont have any info about merge… that’s so sad

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Is 17:23hours and there are only 286 ppl online in Arjuna. I’ve been waiting to do Genesis mutated for almost an hour, and still can’t find a tank. I don’t know why is taking so long to take the decision to merge.

At least make dungeons and pvp lobby cross server.
That’s a good temporary solution


The “Streamer” server got merged 1-2 weeks after the fresh start, so sad to see that you dont care about the actual player base other than streamers :smiley:

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This is at least unacceptable.

Hello all!

Now that the holiday has taken place, and the in-game Winter event is winding down soon as well, we are again looking at the population numbers for all worlds. We didn’t want to merge at the start of an event again and repeat the feedback we received at the onset of the Summer world event.

Arjuna (OP requested world) is one of a dozen that we are aiming to merge by early next week. We are likely going to be a tiny bit aggressive with the new world arrangements to account for any continued attrition, but you all should have plenty of new friends again soon to play with!


We didn’t want to merge at the start of an event again and repeat the feedback we received at the onset of the Summer world event.

Have AGS really sacrificed thousands of players just for not “repeat feedback”?

Well, at least there won’t be any negative feedback again… nobody cares about the 35k+ players that have been lost due to unsustainable and dead servers.



Not to mention that the summer event was much more hyped because it was brand new and it was around the time of the ARENA launch and pvp track.

So very different atmosphere and engagement and player hype.

Suprised Amazon just says:
Summer Event traffic= Winter Event traffic
Therefore, let’s be cautious of merging and creating queues.

Meanwhile our servers are 1/2 full or less (with only 1 or 2 on each region with a healthy 75-90% at peak hours)

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I’d rather wait in queue for 30 minutes for 1 year than play on a server with 200 people in prime time (Jupiter).

Something they should disable was the automatic blocking of the servers when reaching 2500 dolls (Barri).

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Will servers transfers from fresh start to legacy come available aswell? There’s a growing number of people that would like to rejoin their friends on legacy servers.

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Dare you to merge the FSW into 5 worlds! Easily get all of them closer to cap at peak times… Instead of the average of 700 as it is now

this is MMORPG, ppls go away and come back, go away and come back… all time

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disable auto-kick-afk and all servers will be full :smiley:

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While learning from your mistakes is commended. I do believe that it was very safe to assume that there would not not be nearly as large of a population insurgence for the winter convergence as there was for the summer event.

The key factor with that was that you had a new profession and event released at the same time as a lot of hype dropped about the upcoming map expansion and new weapon drop coming the following month. Then you had FS as an idea take off and a lot of people came back for many different reasons outside of the summer event. Populations were already trending in positive directions when the merges happened.

Here with the winter event populations have been trending negatively at least active player counts since the event began.

While I don’t like the idea of merges personally and would rather players self regulate with transfers. I offer this as counter feedback and an alternate perspective that if you were going to do merges again enmass maybe this time it wasn’t the right time to wait. A lot of players had time off to play over the holiday and for many the low populations created a negative experience during one of their highest available free time to play.

Lastly, please don’t merge worlds such that the result are peak times with queues and keep the peak numbers below the old server capacity numbers. Unless your team has done some drastic overhauls of the tech, the 2000+ peak was a nightmare for a lot of us performance wise with a lot of server based lag especially in instanced and scripted content.


Damned if they do, damned if they dont.

Forums are never happy.


This is hilarious watching the same thing happen over and over again. How many more times are they going to repeat this cycle.


I assume until they get cross-server infrastructure in place to support cross server activities. At that point I am expecting them to slow down or stop merges and refactor how wars and territory ownership works. That would be the most sustainable. Keep the folks who want low pop PVE for farming happy, keep the folks who want to find groups easy (cross -ream) happy, and figure out a better way to handle PVP that doesn’t break the other two so their happy.

That will NEVER happen.

@Delakron Do you know when we will have a list of the servers being merged… or at the least can you tell me if Lilith is included?

When will Winter Convergence ends?