Arkadia Eta Morrow Merge - AGS

They should reset the factions swap cooldowns. We would even throw our 10 territories to swap Yellow or something.

Or we could keep everything and dont upgrade the stations past T3 and kill the server slowly.

Or we could all swap server to Valhalla or other places to kill their merge.

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If it is, we’re missing information, that’s why we’re making this post.

AGS our server is dying because we have no competition. No competition = no content; no content = no players; no players = no competition; no competition = no content; etc… We love the idea of merging servers, but this merge does nothing except stimulate the market in the short term, but after people get bored as mentioned before the economy will die anyway. And the PVE content in this game is horrible, so we need PVP content to keep this game alive. Please pay attention to the minor complexities of game improvements, if you ignore these nuances it destroys the intended purpose of the merge.

we need more, give us all the eta xD

??? ?

Hi Morrow, Locuta and Xibalba folks,

I understand the concern here - we typically look for close to equal faction represetation post-merge as part of our process. That’s not the case with the upcoming merge due to an issue I will explain below, and also this merge is not the last that we are planning for the Arkadia Eta world set. This is the first step in a multi-merge process.

The working plan is to merge all struggling servers in the Arkadia Eta set into Morrow in early 2022. Unfortunately, we cannot do this in the super near team due to a persistence bug that would be tripped if we moved forward with the all-to-one plan right now. The merge we are moving forward with is the safest option for your worlds right now.

I hear you on the faction reset, and that is something being considered for sure. Stay tuned. If it’s possible, more info will be ready next week, likely soon after the merge.


EDIT: Valhalla will not be merged into Morrow, other worlds in the set will.


in tomorrow or into Morrow haha


Even valhalla? Into morrow?

even if purple have less population than the 2 other, our roster of 50 manage to clear the map, so we don’t need more purple into our server, we need more competition and challenge, if you bring more purple, there won’t be anymore competition, can we have at least a faction token change, or a change, just saw your message tho, but still putting that here

Are you saying that Valhalla is going to be merged into Morrow???

And regardless, this is way too much time. If you wait for another 2-3 weeks, everyone on this server will be gone.


good call out! Not Valhalla, that one is not getting merged.


thanks for the answer sensai!

I have a better idea.

Unlock the server transfer, sell it for 10$ and we will ascend to Valhalla. You make money and we are happy.

I normally charge for my advice, but take that one for free.


If people from the mergers are purple, then don’t want to change factions, they only have themselves partly to blame. You can change and make it competitive.

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we need to wait 1 monht to get our roster able to change colour
half our core are old green yellow that made Morrow what it is today

Is it possible to have further discussion regarding Faction switch reset? Since the server will slowly die if there’s no change in the factions?

What are the other steps for us to do and discuss to help out on making this happen to have at least some content untill you guys merge us with other servers?

just reset the faction swap - problem solved

so what your saying is everyone is getting merged and we are last on the list… and on top of that we get merged with tons of dead pop servers… RIP morrow lol… can we please get a transfer token problem solved !! (I already used my 1st) I will pay for the love of god

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Some kind of balance needs to be involved with this merger. Either give faction tokens for free so players can then chose to balance the world out themselves (since AGS won’t), or AGS steps up and combine a yellow dominated world, green dominated world, and a purple dominated world all together. This will allow for the most competition and most importantly, will keep the server/game alive. Taking the easy way out like they plan to do with this is what is constantly destroying this game and any future it may have. Too many people have put too many hours into this game for it to just die. That’s the route it is on and has been on. There are easy fixes to this, they just need to accept the mistake, listen, and improve.

really, problem mitigated - but we definitely see the value, and are discussing it as well as potential timing. If it does happen, it will be soon after the merge.