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Honestly Devs sell us a second transfer token. I’ll pay for it. I’m in Morrow and I’d rather transfer than merge at this rate.

I love this game but it’s unplayable right now I’ve been offline for like a week :disappointed:

Lol come back to reality. This is outrageous is maybe a suitable reaction to say to a serious injustice made to you irl that goes unpunished, not to a thing in a computer game.

I totally agree with Bangbang. I am also on Locuta and part of the current underdog faction, the Covenant. Locuta has a better foundation for the merge based on the map, in comparison to the other worlds. Remove the faction change cooldown and use Locuta as the main world. Problem solved. Let us get back to what we all want the most, to enjoy this beautiful game y’all created and get back to competitive play. Thx y’all! @Kay @bangbang @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW @Abyss @Unicorn @Nyrthanea @DPR @Pytho @Mineral

This game has 0 faction balance mechanics in place, why would you think server merges would be directed into faction balance? Even if they would by some miracle and blind chance bring balance in terms of players, one faction will sonner or later come on top because of snowball effect this game allows.

Can we please have a chat with Devs regarding faction swap token or Factions swap reset? It would be the best option to ensure a healthy server until the big merge.

Merging 3 purple server together is totally unacceptable and OUTRAGEOUS.

Blefescu Covenent here…we had a couple of large purple guilds transfer in that wiped and scattered us. What’s the situation the ground in Krocylea? Do you guys have a Covenant discord i could check out?

Hey all! We’ve released an updated statement here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

In the meantime, to help alleviate some of the faction imbalance as well as address players who continue to be in a bad state with their faction reset timer, we intend to do a one-time reset of the faction change cooldown for everyone. We are hopeful the reset will allow sets with lower populations post-merge to use game modes such as war and PVP while we work toward a better solution for how to get them to a more populated world. Our Community Managers will post timing details in the Official News section when we are ready to do the reset.

the problem is that the host server has all 11 territories controlled by purple … leaving no incoming purples any lands to push immediately unless they are forced to switch factions to an immediate disadvantage … if you guys just took a minute you’d realize Locuta has 3 green / 1 yellow / 7 purple leaving all factions merging in multiple lands to push without giving up progress and penalizing azoth costs / faction rep / faction gear


Don’t understand how Locuta was not the first one picked to be merged into…

Get your best 50 server member, regroup in green or yellow and try to beat us :yum: we will give territory if that happen. Best case scenario would be, one server regroup ans go green and the other goes yellow. So you all can love each other for once since yall kill each other for month and fond a common enemy

Thats great… Whats the plan for servers who are going from low pop, to low pop? How long is it gonna take to merge the remaining worlds? Cause on vanaheim firma were gonna have that: 2 low pop worlds.
I get that that bug makes it complicated, but we just wanna have an ETA on when we might have a healthy server.

Thanks we appreciate the support you give us and the follow-up. Thank you so much.

Seems to me like thats a great self-correcting mechanism for balancing the factions?

What some seem to be missing here is, the company that owns Morrow DOESN’T CARE about if we’re being merged onto, or we get moved to a different server. Our main goal is to have content, fight wars, fight open world, and have an income of daily PVP, because without it the game gets stale.

So as the MERGING companies, this should be exciting for you. You receive coin to wage war, you receive a map that you can fully influence and cause as much PVP on as you wish. Personally, that sounds like a dream come true. THE ONLY thing that was under question is the faction, and now that the AGS devs gave us that faction swap reset (which should honestly happen any time a merge happens), problem is 100% solved.

For the companies coming in, they now control their destiny. They can either stay purple, not own territories, and just pay taxes to the previous owners, or faction swap together as a team, and fight the common “enemy” in the previous server owners. If the roles were reversed, we would 100% be swapping to the least populated faction and pushing war every chance we get.

The other problem that remains is that two medium pop and one low pop server was merged, which will be resolved at a later date regardless as they mentioned, by merging the rest of Arcadian ETA into Morrow, and the explanation as to why there is a delay in that was pretty clear.

In my opinion, if all goes as they said, they checked all the boxes, and now we just wait and hope that the companies that will be there will stick around and fight. Thanks @Luxendra and the rest of the devs, and good luck to everyone merging.


lmao… regardless of what happens. Green boys for life.

AGS devs own a purple company on morrow so yeah they care they’re being merged into as they will receive more gold as the entire world set merges in … imagine trying to argue a 1 time 50k gold payment is even close to 100k-millions a day from taxes

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i agree 100% get me the F out of this server

If you don’t want people to quit you could consider having the purple company that controls the whole map not be so, to put it politely, unfriendly. Also, just because you can dominate the whole map doesn’t necessarily mean you have to, or that you should. You could control WW and EF and make more gold than the rest of the server combined, people would still fight you for them, and probably lose, because you guys are both very good and very geared, and its quite difficult to get 50-100 people like that together, but they wouldn’t quit.

You’re asking Amazon to fix a problem you created. It doesnt matter who they bring in or what color they are. If you continute to both dominate everyone and treat everyone like crap while you do it people are going to keep leaving the server. If you move to another server and do it there, the same thing will happen.

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