Arkadia Firma merge

We have 3 servers going into belovodye and 2 servers going into orun. The total pop of all 7 of our servers is only 1200, why not just merge us all into one? We will have a 500 pop belovodye and 700 pop orun, which are both still really low numbers. Why? This is ridiculous…




I’m sure this isn’t the only server set that is having this issue, we are all excited for the merge so hopefully this can get addressed.

Going from 250 to 500 is really not going to change much and the server will probably just die out again…


I’m also on Arkadia Firma, and this makes no sense. We saw our servers really start to bleed pop once they hit 600 or 700 pop. Why create two servers that will only bleed players instead of one that will likely retain more?

Yea I think they are just worried about faction imbalances but that’s a much easier problem to deal with than low pop on the server. We went from 600 to 300 in no time because it just wasn’t enough.

Yeah exactly. People will play a little more, but it won’t be enough to hold a population, and they’ll die again. Huge mistake imo

@Kay @Luxendra Please look into this. It doesn’t make sense to make two low pop servers that will die. Servers die when the pop goes around 600. Making two servers like this will only cause this game to die faster and people not come back because they don’t want to play on dead servers. We waited 6 weeks only for our server to remain dead when you could have one active server.

Heya! We released a statement in regards to our decision on the server merge. In summary, this is the first step in a multi-step process and we aim to reassess these worlds in early 2022. You can read the statement here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

Awesome! So we get screwed over and can’t properly play the game because of yet another ineptitude.

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