Armor and weapon buy orders

Placing an armor or weapon buy order is currently pointless since you can not specify the attributes you want on your gear. You can choose the perk you want and whether or not the gear has a gem slot, but you can not specify if you want focus, dexterity, constitution, etc. Who would ever place a buy order for armor and pay for a roll of the dice on the attributes on it?

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Has anyone been able to fulfil a buy order? Mine gets the spinning timer of death every time I try to fill one. Just sits there processing until I get bored and finally cancel out. Very similar to if you try to list an item while at 100/100 items. Also, question to new world staff, why in the world is the listing fee so high? You already tax it, it’s like just idiots ignoring the “you will lose money on this transaction” that are ever going to sell anything, and lose their money. Seems very silly based on how you’re forced to do trade skills and there are millions of the same items available all the time.

p.s. my buy order I was trying to fill might just be some exploit, as they are wanting to pay 100g for a grey war hammer II, I bought one for 1.5g (likely loss to poster) and can’t fill their order lol. Since then they created a second.

Like, once everyone is max level, and they can’t even make lvl 14 stuff for any new players, is the game just over since you need gold sometimes? Mindful, even if you could make 14 lvl stuff, it would be worth 1 cent over the fee new world charges and the tax fee… They also can just be slavebots for the winning company, with what benefit? It appears from youtube videos it’s GD near impossible to keep up with orbs, the one i watched was saying every single person needs the redic orb craft to run an end game dungeon… Seems like a real good way to have everyone quit. Like a quest to get the entrance gem I could see, but just random world shit x1000 seems like a poor decision.

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